Engenheiros Do Hawaii Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Os Rolling Stones

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Engenheiros Do Hawaii Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Os Rolling Stones

Engenheiros Do Hawaii Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Os Rolling Stones

Cifra Club – Engenheiros Do Hawaii – There Was a Boy Like Me Who Loved The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

Partituras De Engenheiros Do Hawaii

Cifra Club – Engenheiros do Hawaii – Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava The Beatles and the Rolling Stones This song was created by Italian musicians in the 60s in the middle of the Vietnam War because it was criticized for changing several innocent lives. not?

The song features a “rocker” kid who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, who were and still are great rock icons. And like any fan who idolizes his idol, he follows in the footsteps of his idols, playing the big hits of his favorite band on his guitar. He had a good life, there were girls who loved him, and he was happy. But he received a letter urging him to go to war, “trading his guitar for instruments that always play the same note.” And his life eventually fell apart, he didn’t have the same things he had before, and he died in the war.

The most obvious approach to criticism is determinism. The “artistic” young man, who represents many of the soldiers of the time. He had no choice, he could not follow his dreams, live alone. He had to live in a degraded and miserable way, separated from his beloved.

And even after all these years, this song still works today. If there were no wars that happened and are happening, then many of the dead would be alive, at least to fulfill their dreams. Discover the biography of Engenheiros do Hawaii, a big name in 00’s rock.

Cd Engenheiros Do Hawaii

The 80s were golden years for country rock, where many quality bands started their careers. Engenheiros do Hawaii is part of that barn, a band that was supposed to last one night, but has been on the road for 23 years.

Somewhat apart from what was produced in Brazilian rock in the 80s, Engenheiros do Hawaii was also distinguished by its location, Porto Alegre, while Rio, Brasilia and São Paulo dominated the scene.

Four students who like to stay at home discuss Camus or Andy Warhol produced philosophical, critical, and deep thought worthy bar-table discussions.

Engenheiros Do Hawaii Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Os Rolling Stones

Loved by many and hated by some, it’s hard to deny Engenheiros’ importance, expressiveness and contribution to national rock.

As 13 Melhores Músicas Dos Engenheiros Do Hawaii

To remember and celebrate the band’s trajectory, we have prepared a biography of Engenheiros do Hawaii, which you can find below.

In the previous year, Umberto Gessinger, Carlos Stein, Marcelo Pitz and Carlos Maltz studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the UFRGS. As a way of protesting against the suspension of classes, the students organized a festival and came up with the idea of ​​playing together.

Humberto Gessinger played guitar and Carlos Maltz drums, and although they were not friends, they eventually bonded over music. The student strike that year was extensive and lasted until January 1985.

There was plenty of time for them to rehearse and fulfill their promise as the opening act. However, they eventually became the main attraction and played their first show on January 11, 1985.

Frases Do Engenheiros Do Hawaii Para Suas Legendas

The inspiration for the name came as a way to poke fun at engineering students who had a habit of wearing surfer shorts, in addition to a rivalry with architecture students.

By 1989, the group went through several membership changes. Guitarist Carlos Stein, for example, stayed with the band for a short time because he had to travel. Later he became a member of None of Us.

Then it was Marcelo Piez, who had to leave for personal reasons, shortly before the recording of the second album began. At that time Gessinger took over the bass and Augusto Leakes came in on guitar.

Engenheiros Do Hawaii Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Os Rolling Stones

Even without much ambition, the doors opened very easily for the group and less than four months after the foundation they had two songs on the Rock Grande do Sul compilation.

Disco De Vinil Engenheiros Do Hawaii

, the second effort, arrived the following year and brought a change in style, focusing more on 60s progressive rock and rock influences.

Since they were not great friends, with the crazy desire to start a band that used to be the most popular, Engenheiros could concentrate more on work.

Intimacy aside, the professional part spoke louder, resulting in great songs, very well done.

They used to be quite far from the music scene, and the fact that they succeeded so quickly was awkward.

Cd O Essencial De Engenheiros Do Hawaii

They even caused controversy for wearing Star of David t-shirts and being called right-wing singles.

However, they supported Leonel Brizola’s campaign for the President of the Republic in 1989 with free concerts.

The group begins to travel the country with concerts that are always sold out, in addition to major festivals such as Alternativa Nativa and Rock in Rio II in 91, where they were the only Brazilian group that received excellent reviews. The New York Times.

Engenheiros Do Hawaii Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Os Rolling Stones

In 1989, the group released their first live work, a collection of important songs recorded in Kanekao, Rio de Janeiro.

Tablatura Da Música Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu, Amava Os Beatles E O Rolling Stones De Engenheiros Do Hawaii

During this time they decided to leave Porto Alegre to live in Rio de Janeiro. In 1990 they released their fourth studio album,

One Man Army, there was a guy who loved the Beatles and the Rolling Stones like me, to be honest

The band seemed to be doing very well by 1993, so much so that they played shows in Japan and the US. The end of the year was turbulent and guitarist Augusto Lix decided to leave the band.

Guitarist Ricardo Horn came to reorganize the band, alongside Paolo Casarin on accordion and keyboard, and guitarist Fernando Delucchi, a former member of RPM. And it was with this training that she began

Origem Dos Engenheiros Do Hawaii: Saiba Tudo Sobre A Banda!

In 1996, leader and singer Humberto Gessinger decided to take a break from Engenheiros and founded the Humberto Gessinger Trio with guitarist Luciano Granya and drummer Adal Fonseca. They even released an album, although the response was not great.

Even with the difficulty of selling the shows, because the weight that the Engenheiros brand brought to Hawaii was huge, they returned to using the original name.

The band’s sound is quite infused with progressive rock influences that pass through young guard, bossa nova and tropicalism. Especially in the first album, the critics could notice the influences of The Police and Paralamas do Sucesso.

Engenheiros Do Hawaii Era Um Garoto Que Como Eu Amava Os Beatles E Os Rolling Stones

In terms of writing, the philosophers Nietzsche, Sartre and Camus, as well as authors such as George Orwell, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Moasir Sklar, Ferreira Goulart and Rimbaud were sources of inspiration for writing.

Cd Usado Engenheiros Do Hawaii Novo Millennium Cdu4705

After a little biography of the band, we know how many engenheiros do Hawaii has a very rich repertoire and something to think about.

We have prepared a selection of 35 incredible phrases from Engenheiros do Hawaii to inspire you and use in photo captions.

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