Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde – Maria da Vila Matilde: musical analysis of Eliza Soares By Renata Arruda on March 15, 2020, 7:00 p.m.

Eliza Soares was a legend. Awarded by the BBC as the best singer of the millennium in the year 2000, she has gone through countless trials and, like a phoenix, she has always been able to rise and regenerate magnificently.

Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

, the first of her career brought only new songs. The album was responsible for the renaissance of the artist’s music and won several awards, including the Latin Grammy.

Biografia De Elza Soares, A Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo

, the song Maria da Vila Matilde is a victim of domestic violence by many Brazilian women, highlighting the importance of reporting the assault.

The song refers to the Maria da Pinha law, which was promulgated in 2006 with the aim of preventing and punishing violence against women. According to Elsa,

Written by Douglas Germano, the lyrics are a tribute to her mother Maria de ella. A resident of the Vila Matilde neighborhood in São Paulo, Maria suffered repeated attacks from her husband.

“My mother was walking around the house crying over her injuries and my father was going to work. He was like our secret. family secret. I thought he was bad.”

A Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo (the Woman At The End Of The World)“ Von Elza Soares Bei Apple Music

Like the musician’s mother, Eliza Soares was also a victim of domestic violence, being abused in two of her marriages. However, she recovered.

Narrated in the first person, the poem begins with the character of María de Villa Matilde announcing that she is going to report to her husband at the Ligue 180 women’s call center.

Not available for a few decades, Ligue 180 is a service related to the Maria da Pinha law so that women can report their assault. However, many still feel afraid or ashamed to denounce their partners or ex-partners.

Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

Thus, the verses can be considered a motivation for women to break the silence and take the first step out of abusive relationships.

Música E Resistência: As Batalhas Cantadas Por Elza Soares

Continuing with the warning, Maria da Vila Matilde informs her husband that if she tries to return to the house by force, she will release the dog.

Eliminating male superiority places men in a vulnerable position that exposes all their cowardice.

, and the victim is viewed with suspicion, the idea of ​​the man walking in front of the neighbors is a way of transferring the shame that deserves it: the aggressor.

, which has several meanings, is used to refer to the military police, a phrase that was common in the 1960s.

Elza Soares, ícone Da Música Brasileira, Morre Aos 91 Anos, No Rio De Janeiro; Família Se Manifesta

In this passage, the woman reveals the possible abuse committed by her husband, indicating that he is addicted to sports, gambling (

The idea here is to make fun of the aggressor, showing that Maria da Vila Matilda does not feel any fear, and she even passes a cup of coffee while she insults him.

This stanza talks about structural machismo. Using various derogatory terms, María da Vila Matilde refers to the propagation of sexist values ​​that are culturally reproduced, even by women themselves.

Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

Therefore, it is understood that she also blames the aggressive mother for her behavior. In other words: the passage warns women not to father domineering men who expect submissive wives to serve and please them.

Casamento Obrigado Aos 12 Anos, Relação Com Garrincha E Sucessos; Relembre Momentos Da Vida De Elza Soares

Unlike the character, Eliza Soares lived in a time when violence against women was common and the victims were silenced. The singer was attacked during her first marriage and also by the athlete Manny Grancha, her second husband.

According to the artist, the 15-year marriage with the player was a lot of trouble. A drunk, he hit her multiple times, even breaking her teeth during an argument.

And so the song ends: with an empowered Maria da Vila Matilda, aware of her rights. She no longer submits to violence and is not afraid to reject the aggression, restoring her dignity.

The daughter of a washerwoman and a worker, Eliza Soares was born in the Moca Bonita favela, in Padre Miguel, in the western region of Rio de Janeiro. The year of her birth is uncertain: that is why the singer has no less than three different albums.

Elza Soares E Renegado Confirmados No Festival Timbre; Veja Programação

She was married at 12, forced by her father, and she was widowed at 21 with five children to raise. She worked as a laundress and maid, and she felt the pain of losing four of her eight children in her lifetime.

Her relationship with Grencha made her a target of persecution by fans who blamed her for the end of the player’s marriage. The couple decided to commit suicide in Italy for security reasons.

A warrior, she faced poverty, hunger, racism and sexism, but she never stopped fighting and kept her head held high.

Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

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In 2016, Eliza Soares interviewed him when the singer was passing through Portugal. We received this text on Thursday on the occasion of her death at the age of 91.

Words are missing when talking about Eliza Soares. Monument to Brazilian music, a surviving woman, she was born on June 23, 1930 on Planet Hunger, in poverty with her best friend and her music. When she debuted on a radio show in the 1950s, she was mocked by the audience and the host, Ari Barroso, called her “Llama.”

Nobody cares about me / If my past is dust / Who will defame me today / I will remain in dust

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Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

This article can only be read by a registered user with the same email address that received this offer. Eliza Soares, who passed away on Thursday, January 20 at the age of 91, saw her childhood interrupted when her father forced her to marry. She 12 years old.

Elza Soares Volta A Bh Com Show Que Exala Feminismo E Tolerância

Eliza’s first husband was Lourdes Antonio Soares, who inherited the singer’s estate which she kept until the end of her life.

Shortly after the wedding, at the age of 13, Eliza became pregnant with her first child: she had eight in all. The union lasted less than a decade and, at the age of 21, the artist was already a widow.

Eliza had a personal life marked by difficulties and tragedies. The singer lost two sons who starved to death as children. She had a daughter, Dilma, kidnapped by a trusted couple whom she met years later, when she was already an adult.

Between 1962 and 1982, Eliza Soares had her most famous relationship, with Manny Grancha. The two met a few months before the 1962 World Cup, while training at Botafogo, the team the players were playing for at the time. However, he was married and Eliza met the musician Milton Banana.

Novo álbum De Elza Soares Trará Samba Rock Inédito Que Inclui O Verso Título Do álbum

After a few months of a secret affair, Grenache separated from his then-wife, and in 1966 Criola and Neenum, the couple’s namesake, were married.

The 91-year-old singer passed away 39 years after her ex-husband, who also passed away on January 20, 1983.

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Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

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Elza Soares Voltou Para Incomodar

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Elza Soares Morre Aos 91 Anos

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Caption: His departure from the scene leaves a legion of fans saddened and

Elza Soares Maria Da Vila Matilde

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