Elas Que Lutem Origem

Elas Que Lutem Origem – New people heard: “Let’s fight!” As Nelson Rodrigues said, unity is stupid…

When we are together for a cause, With new perspectives and skills, we fight with greater strength. The musical documentary about “Elas” shown at Teatro Claro Rio has been a hit with the public and critics. “Elas Brilham” is a perfect work without a scratch.

Elas Que Lutem Origem

Elas Que Lutem Origem

“Doc Musical They Shine” is a documentary; It is an experiment in a new scene that combines the tools of theater and music to tell the story of humanity’s great moment. The music does not feature artist biographies; The collective view of a group in a certain era and time in space and time, where music is a great actor. scene, The use of archival materials (photos, videos and authentic evidence) attached to the lyrics and songs performed directly by actors is one of the opportunities for the public to relive and find historical information, e.g. The origin of popular songs of the time How did they become? In what conditions are they made? How did he influence the lives and generations of artists that came with him? (shortly)

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Frederico Reder, a true visionary, is the protector of this treasure that is presented on the stage of Teatro Claro Rio and guides the work. Once again, he joins five artists (and many other talents) of unquestionable style and professionalism.

Among them, During the epidemic, They teach classes through Teatro Claro Rio and share knowledge; What they learn on their path, they exchange and work with affection, and show themselves to be far from the steps of their birth, after a few hours.

Marcos Nauer wrote the screenplay, but there was more to the action. Marcos is an excellent researcher and is very thorough in bringing knowledge and information to the public. She demonstrates her understanding of women’s representation through this rich body of work. Again, what kind of text is he He has proven his ability to develop any text. I am not too proud to say that I am one of the best experts in the history of art and music in the country. Nauer is strong; creativity; dedicated work, There is hard work and that’s where it takes us, so the work goes back to heaven. Nauer is far from a writer only for the theater. In this music, he presents not only the truths of the artists he portrays on stage, but also the realities felt by women behind the scenes. There is a lot of factual information about women’s rights and victories. This leads the audience to recognize the power of women.

Natalia Lana, already known in this column, designed the landscape and did a good job. The scene photographer is definitely one of the most sought-after professionals in the theater today. In “Elas Brilham” Story promotes the empowerment of women in Brazil and the world. Every time, Accurate in your beautiful image. light and vitality; Don’t rub your eyes.

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Jules Vandystadt is the music director, not only handsome, but also talented. Responsible for conveying the voice of seven actresses to the public. Jules is a kind and competent professional who understands how to support a good job and can speak professionally. he plays singing, I try to get good results; The results are always magnificent.

Choreographer Vitor Maia is responsible for the exciting dance and crew. He is perfect and seems to understand what the audience expects. Maia is still young but has an experienced curriculum thanks to her body work and is always well prepared and enriched in the eyes of the audience. He knows how to give the right balance to the music presented and the perfect dancing body.

Bruno Perlatto has been in the group since Doc 60. Ten years of success. The clothes they give are luxurious, cool, It takes artists to another level by highlighting them. When an actress presents Beyoncé, the dress transforms the actress into a human reflection as it meets the light. This is rude. All his signature clothes are in good taste, from Samba to popular Brazilian music. This event is no exception, bringing the representation of the seventies with a lot of hair and color. Perlatto and her team of seamstresses show their creativity; Well made, Deserves respect for the perfection that cannot be seen from the audience. Perlatto could not forget himself through his work.

Elas Que Lutem Origem

Theater at the end of a busy weekend? Immediately! A living soul cannot fit there. Because they are very good and willing to present their best to the people. Regardless of the ticket price, it is always full. Even if you don’t have money to buy tickets, the production provides access through NGOs that train the audience. This group knows how to create drama; They understand that culture is for everyone.

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I am proud of Brazil for having such talented Brazilians. Since it is done with legitimacy, success is guaranteed. Sponsors are not enough to show this amount; It needs to have artwork; Not only in “Elas Brilham”, as this unique technical paper has it. In all the works of this group, Produced!

What is this work present to the public? The sacred feminine power and the importance of harmony. In one season, About Ella Fitzgerald, an actress who was donated by Marlyn Moroe, and how the giant changed Ella’s life

A really necessary event. fire, characteristic strength There is recognition of personality and everything else. Let’s talk about the seven stars to worship these spirits.

Ivanna Domenico God is merciful. The actress entered singing Babalo as Angela Maria. God of heaven and earth He is praised. Hearing him, the whole theater was silent.

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The director can also sing with them in addition to filming, but most of the songs are male, but the effect on them is muted. Everyone was shocked.

Ivanna is as beautiful as Janis Joplin. Anyone who knows the actress knows how to rock and roll and knows how to use that gift. Everyone was in awe of her vocal power. He is in the right place. One star.

Ludimillah Anjos left Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, luckily she stopped here and didn’t need the Queen of Pop Beyonce’s body to dance and sing like a lion. When he shouted “faraóóó” Music that only came to the radio after it was successful in the mouths of the public, imagines the audience. An actress doesn’t have to follow the rules set by society to get on that stage (because the world is changing) and she doesn’t have to be corrupt. You don’t need to be a queen, He wants to know how to rule. And he reigns supreme.

Elas Que Lutem Origem

The beautiful and strong Sabrina Kogurut, nominated for the Cesgranrio Award for Best Actress, brought Madonna among others, but with her voice and body, the song “Like Doa” became a force. he sexy knows the sensation; His beautiful muscles add to his attractiveness. Sabrina also beautifully tells the story of Rosa Parks, a black woman who refused to get up from her seat to a white man who became a symbol of the civil rights movement for blacks in the United States. which excites the audience. At that time, actress Aretha (You Make Me Fell), who played opposite Sabrina. Débora Pinheiro, once again a natural woman, raised her hand in the symbol of the Black Panthers, a revolutionary black movement that defends the end of social injustice and inequality. The same behavior that landed Tony Tornado in prison after performing with Elis Regina at the Maracanãzinho in 1971.

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Sabrina is beautiful and talented and seems to manage every move with care. Debora Pinheiro adores two divas, not only herself but also her sister. Also starring Thalita Pertuzatti, the sisters are more than the audience expected. They are strong and on stage. sambistas They came into focus when they presented Mrs. Ivone Lara and Clementina de Jesus, the woman who broke the music. Clementina is synonymous with the eternal black resistance of Quelé.

When he sang the song of the three races, he broke the spirit of the audience who understood his music. Perlatto’s costumes contribute greatly to the scene. God is in heaven

Queen Jullie, who plays the beautiful and ultra-vengeful Elis, sings with her soul… and when Elba is brought, she is hooked. Use poetic license with beauty. Actress and her story; He definitely told me what he was doing and how his mother was doing. It can be said about this family plot that the spiritual dimension is beyond ordinary understanding. The interpretation of the actress is very good.

Let’s go to Diva Manner, the interpretation of diva Tina Tunner. “The power of women. I

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