é Inevitavel Te Amar Assim

é Inevitavel Te Amar Assim – I choose every day I choose to love you, to love your mess, how to prepare your house plants, your food, your favorite playlist that plays for hours on end if you let me… I choose to love your morning mood, your taste in technology and the way you hug me every time before that I sleep. Being around you is the best thing that ever happened to me and sharing life with you is fun! I love you and I hope we can be together forever! Copy Share

What was missing from the happiness that came with your arrival made me fall completely, and turned my back on the road. I think I can’t handle it, but the truth is that you are the missing thing to give meaning to my life. I choose to love you with everything I have in me. And I will choose a thousand and a thousand times. You are the one who understands me the most, the one who fulfills me, the one who takes me out of my comfort zone and the one who makes me dream big. I adore you! Copy Share Head and heart Love is an inevitable feeling, but at the same time every day I choose to be by your side. Yes, emotions are strong, but reason brings me to you. You are not only the reason for my precious love, but also the wisest decision of my life. You make me better than you teach me something new every day and dating you is proof of my luck! Download Share Show your love with beautiful songs! Spotify listen playlist Share

é Inevitavel Te Amar Assim

é Inevitavel Te Amar Assim

Happiness I want you to know that I feel safe when I am in your arms, when I see your smile, when I feel your love. I feel safe because I feel loved… I know it’s not always a flower, but if I’m near you, nothing matters, my love! I take all the risks, I lose my fear, I overcome all the obstacles, I take all the risks to be happy. Everything to be happy. Think about reasons to find happiness Download share unwavering commitment I want you in my life forever and I will always try to make you happy. Losing you is not an option for me. My commitment to our love is very deep and my only goal is to honor our relationship. Loving you has brought me happiness I never imagined. Meeting you is a turning point in my life. I choose to love you every day! Download Share Feelings follow the reason Many people say that we can’t control our hearts and sometimes we fall in love with the wrong person! I saw that you didn’t like it in the first place. But when I met you, I saw your content, when I crossed your path and faced life, I chose to be with you and love you because you are worth a bet. Now you are a part of my life and I know it is the best choice of my life! Copy Share

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I feel with you, I always find it difficult to communicate because I always find empty people here who give me deep love if they can’t be called love. When I met you, I realized that it felt like something deep, deep, completely natural, very sweet. ! From there, I chose to invest in both of us. And look what happened: we were both together! I hope this is just the beginning! I love you my love! Copy Share Summer Love I always thought summer love only happened in movies. It’s all about getting your better half on a trip, giving that person their first kiss on New Year’s Day, spending the whole day with them, and all that is the best part of Travel. But I found you. Watch a song that reminds you of summer love Download Share my life No one tells me how to live, no one tells me I’ll love anyone less than the universe. I will not let your thoughts of the future stop me from loving you, being with you, building a future with you. Because you were my life. Copy Share

There are days when I know that you are the only one who can make me happy… the words I need to say are the hugs that make me feel like you are at home. Everyone knows that I do everything to surround you with your scent… and that’s how I always wanted it to be, you know? Download Share Forever In My Heart You Will Always Be. My love and you will follow. In my heart, no matter where I go… you will always be here! I swear my love for you will follow you. In my heart … here … Copy to share the Light, but please do not be ashamed to know that you have not closed your eyes … you just want to come closer to see your smile. You light up my darkness. Give a beautiful message to yourself that is the light of life Download Share

We are together Robson Moreira I want you to live with me and I want to be able to live with you. That’s it… how about a date together? Autumn days? Cold rain. My heat is your heat. My body and your body. About what? Come quickly. Stop thinking. People who think too much forget about fun. Copy Share You João Paulo Ferreira It’s just that out of nowhere you came to my mind, you love my desire for chocolate, it appears at some point and gave me the feeling of wanting to feel the taste melt in the mouth. I have this desire, I have the desire to taste you, the taste of your lips, your body. You drive me crazy, you know how to beat me, you know how to be with me and have me, you have me in your arms and sometimes you can leave me there in every corner. Here I am thinking you are sitting on the street looking at the sky and I see you sitting next to me, we are talking and throwing words at each other, I am looking at you and I want you to make me laugh. Maybe you don’t want me like I want you and we can end up sleeping and your body is not connected to me or my body is attached to you, but I would be very happy if you were here with your scent. A sweet scent as the wind passes. Sometimes I wonder where I come from in your mind if I disturb you when you are working or studying because you did this to me, you disturb my focus in any corner no one remains the same. Me, the way you do, no one has ever had the strength to hold me in his arms. I don’t know what’s going on inside you, but I know what’s going on inside me, I know I love you, and I think it’s your job to know. I have said I love you many times, but no one is as good as me today. Nothing prevents you from having fun with others, it can be fun, but I want your happiness, and if it doesn’t come to me, I hope you are close to you who appreciates it and someone knows it, how lucky you are. you can ignore what used to be my country… Now I’m going to do what I’ve been doing, I’m going to stand up and continue with my head held high but first I have to shout, shout “I love you!” Copy Feeling inevitable, I’ve told you everything or almost everything. My heart can no longer stand this feeling, this love, I feel for you. It’s very, very different. But I don’t want to hurt you, I’ve tried my best not to fall in love with you, but it’s inevitable. Everything about you touched me. Your eyes, your gestures, your voice, the sound of your laugh, and the way you spoke to me. Express the irresistible feelings you have about someone Download to share

Gabriela Freitas unconsciously laughs at my awkward way of talking about love, I laugh at her laughter. He showed me everything very hard, our commas and our rain together as an exclamation. It’s a hobby. Lust. No formulas, no words, no pai de santo can guarantee good work in a confusing way. Suddenly it struck me that I was worried about getting a tattoo of his name now and in the future.

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