Durante Uma Aula De Ciências A Professora Laura

Durante Uma Aula De Ciências A Professora Laura – They were selected and have since taken online courses provided by water company employees.

Students Laura and Taynara in 1st year of high school and Gustavo in 2nd year of the state school Professor Élia França Cardoso in the municipality of Campo Grande enrolled in the Pioneiros program in June 2022, carried out by Águas Guariroba / Aegean.

Durante Uma Aula De Ciências A Professora Laura

Durante Uma Aula De Ciências A Professora Laura

They were selected and have since taken part in online courses offered by the staff of the Águas Sectors. During their participation in the program, they were instructed to form pairs. In this way the two students came together and formed the couple of student Gustavo with a student. from the state school Father José Scampini, Kaio Gonsales from the 3rd class of the EM.

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Each pair was guided by the school’s teachers and company tutors, students Laura and Taynara were guided by PCPI Bruna Algarve, professor of life sciences, and students Gustavo and Kaio were guided by chemistry professor Denilson Silva dos Santos. , teacher at the school of Professor Élia França Cardoso.

Another activity of the program was a technical visit, during which the students got to know five stations of the company, where all other participants came together, got to know each other and shared the moment.

To complete the program, participants had to write a project related to the topics covered during the online classes and the company’s sectors. After submitting their proposals, the four students were classified among the last three couples of the program and on December 8, 2022 they left to present their proposals to the staff and director Águas Guariroba and to collect prizes according to the classification. .

Laura and Taynara took 3rd place and each received a pill as a prize. Gustavo and Kaio took second place and each received a Samsung smartphone. Student Paula Lopes Celestino from the Silvio Oliveira dos Santos State School took first place.

Bem Me Quer Mais Matemática

We use cookies to offer you a better experience on our website and to help us understand the most useful and relevant information for you. That’s why it’s important that you agree to the cookie policy of this website. To celebrate Teachers’ Month, we decided to share creative, inspiring and innovative ideas from professionals who have recently been transforming the teaching experience for years With With the help of Google Workspace for Education tools, educators from different parts of the country design learning processes that provide students with the best blended learning.

Educator Vânia Flores from Varginha in southern Minas Gerais uses our tools to teach more dynamic classes and increase class participation. Using Google Slides and Google Sites, she creates literacy games and moderates student-made games.

Vânia is one of the leaders of GEG (we say “Gê-ê-Gê”) – the Google Educators Group – a voluntary community of educators who specialize and share technological learning solutions created with our tools. Since 2014, the community has welcomed more than 700 JIT leaders working in 170 communities in the five regions of Brazil.

Durante Uma Aula De Ciências A Professora Laura

As I got to know the transformative potential of the tools, I realized how they can make my lessons more dynamic, interactive, collaborative and most importantly: student protagonism.

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Google for Education offers certification paths for teaching from the basics of Google tools for teaching, starting at Educator Level 1, through to more advanced techniques at Educator Level 2. From a specific option, teachers can progress to Google Trainer, Google Certified Innovator, and Google Coach.

To help more educators innovate in the classroom, we’ve partnered with GEG leaders from different regions of the country and shared experiences in the free e-book, The Hybrid Classroom in Practice: Strategies, Tips, and Models.

Vânia is co-authoring the e-book with educator Peter Wiggins, who is also a Maker Professor and Google Trainer in Salvador, Bahia. Peter developed the “sailing game” with Google Slides.

In Peter’s game, students can “navigate through a challenge path or project development stages.” The game encourages teams to develop at the highest level and move parts (emblems) in each completed stage. It can be played online or printed out for the face-to-face version.

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Innovation uses Google Presentations to create a game, use gamification in the classroom, and transform a formal environment into a fun learning universe.

In Minas Gerais, the students became “Galaxy Viewers” in the lessons of Professor Eduardo Sousa, head of the JEG in Conceição das Alagoas. Eduardo is also a Google Trainer and Google Coach and has conducted the “intergalactic” experiment with students from Monte Carmelo (MG).

The teacher has put together several Google tools such as Classroom, Sheets, Forms, Slides and Docs. In early 2021, Eduardo was looking for ways to maintain engagement in virtual space at a time when there was no prospect of a return to face-to-face contact due to the coronavirus.

Durante Uma Aula De Ciências A Professora Laura

What remains from this experience is the need to pay attention to what students like and to emphasize it during the lesson.

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The two-month points came as “XP” (experience points, as they say in games), including scores for students, now called “team members,” doing wall activities, completing missions, and even the camera in class switched on via GoogleMeet.

In Joinville, Santa Catarina, teacher Ana Laura Avila Queiroz, a Google trainer and head of the local JEG, says she has “some great passions” for forms, spreadsheets, presentations, and website tools. “For me, those are the big four,” he jokes.

Ana Laura highlights the creation of a “modern treasure hunter” that she implemented in a graduate class. Students must answer (guess) the questions correctly until they exit the room and receive a prize or “key” to the next mission.

It’s amazing how timeless the idea of ​​solving a problem is; with different audiences, the excitement is always the same.

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In Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Mariana Peixoto Feyh, science teacher and director of the GEG in Rio Grande do Sul, used Google Sites to create MenuEdu: “a learning menu inspired by our experience with a gastronomic menu”.

Mariana is also certified as a Google Innovator, Google Trainer and Google Coach. MenuEdu allows students to choose the opening course (theme of the project/work/activity), the main course (methodology), the dessert (how to present it), and additional items.

The teacher chose Google Sites because “its ease of use is incredible” and because he was “already thinking of the teachers creating their own study menus” based on Mariana’s script.

Durante Uma Aula De Ciências A Professora Laura

MenuEdu (Learning Menu) makes life easier for teachers who need to accommodate different levels in one classroom.

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From Rio de Janeiro, in the cities of Duque de Caxias and Queimados, science teacher Rafaela Lima, who is a Level 1 educator on Google and EduTuber on the Mais Ciências channel, emphasized the importance of involving students in collaborative activities.

By doing (the activities) together, everyone sees what is happening and this brings the students out of passivity.

Rafaela creates activities in Google Docs, implements assessments and tests through forms, uses presentations for collaborative assignments, and publishes information about student work through Google Sites. His hybrid instructional strategy is station rotation, based on a circuit scheme in which students can form teams and rotate assignments.

In the Digital Education and Geography classes of Professor Rodrigo Baglini, who works in São Paulo and São Bernardo do Campo, the students used Google Presentations to create the book they wanted to learn.

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Rodrigo is also a Google innovator and has been using the tools since 2015. “I got my hands dirty and broke new ground in the computer lab, which wasn’t used much at school until then,” he said.

Every day I have success in developing independence, protagonism and collaboration between the students and above all empathy with other people.

São Paulo math professor and Google innovator Tiago Bevilaqua singled out Google Docs as the ideal tool for creating the “Lista da Geral,” a collaborative list of math problems. In it, the students are responsible for suggesting problems to their colleagues and solving them.

Durante Uma Aula De Ciências A Professora Laura

Tiago stresses the importance of active listening to improve the list’s usability when implemented. “The clear header and the option to include videos were the ideas of the students,” says the teacher.

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(To implement the General List) it was important to show myself vulnerable and open to the suggestions of my classes.

Finally, Estêvão Zilioli, head of the GEG in Ourinhos, inland São Paulo, is a Google trainer, Google innovator and medical professor in Adamantina (SP). Stephen enjoys teaching classes using Hyperdocs, a way to create digital activities using digital documents, presentations, or even spreadsheets.

The document can be created using the Slides or Sheets tools and provides a learning path full of text, images and links. “I’ve conducted several in-person training sessions with educators from different locations, and Hyperdocs has consistently amazed me with its simplicity, ease of customization, and multiple uses.”

We believe that innovation can contribute positively to the country’s education and development process. Therefore,

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