Drumline Movie

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When you’re making a sports film, you have to hit the right notes. How about making a film about hitting the right pitch?

Drumline Movie

Drumline Movie

In From the ground up. Think about a standard sports movie. There’s the underdog, or maybe Morric, who plays by his own rules. There are huge and terrifying enemies that the main character — or a group of main characters, must defeat. Along the way, you have montages of training, setbacks, skirmishes, nadir before the final battle and be sure to have at least one motivational speech.

Drumline Movie Rolled Poster 27×40 Nick Cannon Zoe Saldana 2002

The film begins with us being introduced to Devon Miles, played by Nick Cannon, who was between 18 and 20 years old at the time of filming but appears to be between 10 and 15 years old. Which is close. Basically every third shot in the film is a crane shot. And I’m not even going to get into the aspect ratio, which says 2.35:1, but it looks like it’s sculpted with Jordi La Forge protectors.

After receiving his high school diploma, Devon went on stage as part of the school orchestra, playing the sad song “I Believe I Can Fly”, which sounded very boring to students. The team looks more boring with him.

They’re stupid, because it’s the best slow version of any R. Kelly song. Devon is starting to put a bit of mustard on it, as he is a loose cannon (nick) who plays by his own rules. The conductor doesn’t have it.

But because Devon was a loose cannon and a wild card, he kept beating the numbers and soon the entire student body and even the faculty were picking up what he laid down. The Conductor was powerless to stop this monstrosity, using his Flintstones-style “He’s Alive” response beat to break the fourth wall.

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After Caps is flung through the air, Devon cuts off a congratulatory message to his mother about taking the subway?

He gave his graduation ticket to the ticket collector, who correctly indicated that such a ticket would not allow him to enter the train, metro or otherwise. Then it becomes clear that this is Devon’s (foreign) father, who was not specially invited to the graduation. He later said that unlike his father, he did something with his music. (Burrrrrrnnn.) He got a full scholarship to “Atlanta A&T”. This is our first big introduction to the face of Nick Cannon, who alternates looking at contraband like no one has ever seen and making his mouth very small to show his anger.

And now we are on the bus to Fake School Technology! When the new chops hit “Hot Atlanta,” as the locals called it, Devon met other tuba players and drummers. They also passed the practice field of A&T’s hated rival, Morris Brown College, which we’ll never see again like the guy driving this bus, the best band in the country and consistently winning… I don’t know, regional or whatever. Let’s say “region”.

Drumline Movie

After a short bus ride, our four new bandmates are now lifelong friends! They arrived at the campus and immediately saw a very sinister straight hand pointing at a woman trying to walk through the square. The Justice League of Doofuses (doofii?) gets caught in the middle of the skeev in a group shot. Note: This is also a crane shot. They are all crane shots. I think they just rented cranes.

Gotta Be One Of The Hardest Images I’ve Ever Seen (source: Drumline 2002)

Devon hints at Layla, who will eventually become his girlfriend! What an opportunity! That never really happened in college! (But that always happens in sports movies. Well played, drumline. They’ve hit 1,000 so far! (Sports movies too.)) As Devon approaches him, it’s worth noting that his game is gone because his playing isn’t that great. Out of the “douchechill” area and into the “I need to call campus security” area. Fortunately, Laila found him very popular. Like when the puppy sticks its head in the box. “Yes, look, he can barely work!”

Their A&T (they wanted to keep typing “A&M”, but it was a real college band) told the seniors to read the rule book and they all wore white t-shirts unless they were rehearsing or something. Dehumanizing them as faceless, shifting the blank slate. If they were saying that to make them look like Tim McGraw, that would probably be a huge distortion. “And here, put this silly leather hat on.”

They also told him to sleep well because it was still early. But Devon says let’s go to the club all night because Devon is an idiot who plays by his own rules and everyone should listen to him.

Of course, upperclassmen would wake everyone up before 5am by running through the halls of the dorms to the beat of the bass drum. I really, really wish all the groups were in the same dorm. How mad would you be if you were the first non-band member in that dorm at A&T? I’m furious, I’m sure!

Drumline (special Edition)

So they run down to the practice field and one crane shot introduces us to this sports movie “coach,” the band’s director, Dr. Lee, played by…Orlando Jones?!?!

Yes, the “you” man in this sports movie was written by the book trainer himself. The man who became a comic comedian in a real sports comedy. But anyway, Dr. Lee loved music. He loves it! The sextet behind him, “As the Saints enter!” Look at the look of joy on his face when he plays. He said they were all here because they loved Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. It’s weird because later the team hates all of that, but we walk in here.

Dr. Lee delivered the first important motivational speech in a sports film. It says “one band is one voice”. Devon’s coexistence is late to the practice field, which means Devon is also in charge, due to team partnerships. Everyone has to run one lap (yes, one lap) and then the training begins. MONTATION TIME

Drumline Movie

“We are heartbeats. And without a heartbeat, you die.” Okay. I thought you did kung fu on me. Training takes place. Drums are celebrated. Horns installed. Devon and Sean clash because Devon is a loose cannon, haven’t you noticed?

Drumline Final Battle

Oh, Mom, there’s a woman on the drums! We hope you don’t challenge new male preconceptions about strength and sexuality!

“Now enjoy yourself, because this may be the last time you see Drums.” Did he… did he threaten to kill them? Because they didn’t make a team? – They’re still musicians, so. Do you know. Maybe they’ll see drums again. If you’re going to make a hyperbolic threat, at least make the crap sound realistically threatening.

Devon tries to take the white drum, but it closes in and your Devon is nearly subdued. Devon plays by his own rules to the point where I think he’s an honor cop. Results in lust? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

The new kids in the band had to run up and down all the stairs in the stadium, grab their instruments, go up and check the box in sports movie bingo. Another box to check?

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There is also a complication where the band members are divided into several groups from P1 to P4, assuming that only P1’s band peeps can enter the field, even though P2 is clearly visible in the field at the end of the film. . There is also a subplot regarding how he loses his white best friend Devon and his P2 position in a P4 challenge and finds him late in the second half. None of these things have to go in, though at the end when the challenger drops the hammer it’s presented like a godlike Zapruder movie.

There is a political conflict between high ranking officials! Dr. Lee believed in music and bands and music. He thought that Morris Brown College and its well-dressed coaches relied on gimmicks like hip-hop and the national anthem, and that meant popular music like “Flight of the Bumblebee” and “September”.

It doesn’t depend on him

Drumline Movie

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