Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway – I bought the ticket for Dom Hemingway knowing almost zero about the movie. The only thing I knew was that Jude Law was in it. And that was enough for me.

The venue was the Princess of Wales and I was lucky enough to buy the ticket in advance. I arrived around 9.25pm ​​(the movie started at 10pm). The line for ticket holders was CREDIT. I mean it was the first time I went to a movie with a ticket, but the rush line compared to this is small.

Dom Hemingway

Dom Hemingway

We were told that people in the rush line probably won’t get tickets. I asked this because I saw The Fifth Estate and 12 Years A Slave which were higher profile (in terms of buzz) and tickets for Dom Hemingway were available without a problem…

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The line started moving around 9:35 p.m. It was moving very fast, which is a good thing, since I was almost at the end of the line (almost 2 blocks away from the theater, so I had no idea what was going on on the red carpet, but I know Jude Law. . there would be). Seeing that I was almost at the end of the line, I found my seat in the balcony. But it was fine.

The film was introduced by the producer, Richard Sheppard, and the entire cast. After the film there was Q&A for about 15-20 minutes. Everyone was joking and Jude Law was funny and very nice.

I can’t say I really liked the movie. It’s a kind of dark comedy film about an ex-convict Dom Hemingway, who gets out of prison after spending 12 years there. He tries to get his money back, his life, get in touch with his daughter. There is a lot of swearing, vulgar and random jokes. The movie is funny, but if it wasn’t for Jude Law, I would never have gone to see it. Just not my thing. But Jude is really good, really believable and funny.

I enjoyed the Q&A. One thing I remember is when someone asked how Jude prepared for the role and he said he didn’t do anything, he ate lasagna for dinner, ice cream, whiskey, and he was lazy.

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There is some nudity in the film. We have seen Jude naked many times. Nothing obscene, but definitely not for children 🙂

Another funny thing is when Madalina Ghenea said that Jude pushed her in the pool (during the pool scene) but she doesn’t really know how to swim, but she survived. She was very beautiful and wore a red dress very similar to the one she wore in the movie.

Definitely a great movie, but I wouldn’t put it on the must watch list unless you’re a hardcore fan of Jude Law, because this guy’s acting is fantastic.

Dom Hemingway

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