Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük – BREAKING NEWS: As the meteorology issued an orange warning for Istanbul, Istanbul Governor Yerlikaya wrote on his social media account, “Dear Istanbulites, since Thursday morning (tomorrow), storms have been strong in Istanbul , very strong from the Anatolian side and heavy in some places. It is expected. Let’s be careful and be careful of floods and flash floods.”

According to the latest estimates of the General Directorate of Meteorology, partly cloudy and partly cloudy in the northern, interior and western part of the country, Marmara (except for Edirne), the central Aegean Sea, the interior parts of the western Mediterranean, the northwest of central Anatolia. and it is expected to be The eastern coasts of the Black Sea, the districts of Bolu, Duze, Karabük, Ardahan, the coastal regions of Hatay and the Taurus Mountains in the eastern Mediterranean are cloudy and cloudy in other parts of the world.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

As heavy rainfall is expected in the morning hours near Tekirdag and western parts of Istanbul (Çatalca and Silivri districts), in the afternoon in Isparta, Burdur, Denizli, Uşak, Afyonkarahisar, Eskişehir and Ankara districts and in the south. parts of Kutahya, streams, water It is necessary to be cautious and cautious of negatives such as floods, lightning, local hail and strong winds during rainfall.

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From the wind; Since it is expected to blow strongly (50-70 km/h) from the north and northeast directions in the western Marmara and on the coasts of the northern Aegean Sea, care must be taken and caution from the negatives that may occur.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

According to the estimates of the General Directorate of Meteorology; The storms that will witness the eastern Marmara from the early hours of tomorrow morning are strong (21-50 kg/m2) around Istanbul and Yalova, very strong (51-75 kg/m2) around the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Kocaeli, Sakarya, and they are expected to be heavy (75 kg/m2 and above) in places.

While MGM issued an orange warning for Istanbul, it said caution and caution should be taken from adverse events such as flash floods, floods, lightning, local hail, risk of typhoons on the coast and strong winds during rain.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

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In a statement issued by the Aga Khan Monitoring Agency, he said: “On Wednesday, the rainfall is expected to increase its impact, with strong winds at the time of the rainfall and strong thunderstorms are also expected in some places.” He also said that the rainy weather could continue until Thursday evening.

On the Anatolian side, it is expected to be very strong and occasionally intense. Be careful and be careful of floods and flash floods”.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Dear Istanbul, starting tomorrow morning, Thursday, strong, very strong and strong storms are expected in Istanbul in some places from the Anatolian side, so let’s be careful and watch out for streams and floods unexpected 👉🏻https: // t. co/ — Ali Yerlikaya (@AliYerlikaya) August 10, 2022

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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality warned of rain that will last 3 days. In the statement, “According to the data of AKOM, for 3 days there is expected to be rain and intermittent thunder. Our solution center ALO153 can be contacted in unfavorable situations that may come from rain.” It is said.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

It is predicted to have partly cloudy and very partly cloudy weather, while the region (except Edrene) will be accompanied by local showers and thunderstorms. Heavy rain is expected in the morning hours in the places around Tkirdag and in the western parts of Istanbul (Catalca, Silivri). It is estimated that a strong wind (50-70 km/h) blows from the north and northeast direction in the western parts.

It is expected to be partly or partly cloudy or partly cloudy and partly cloudy. Heavy rain is expected in the places around Tatalja and Silivri in the morning hours.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

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Partly cloudy, intermittent showers and thunderstorms in the morning and afternoon

It is expected to be partly cloudy and partly cloudy in the interior, while in the interior of the Aegean there will be rain and local clouds. Afternoon, locally heavy rain is expected in the vicinity of Afyonkarahisar, Usak and Denizli and in the southern parts of Kutahya. Strong winds (50-70 km/h) are expected to blow from the north and northeast on the northern coast of the Aegean.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Partly cloudy weather is forecast in some places, with local showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. Heavy rain is expected in some places in the afternoon.

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It is expected to be cloudy, partly cloudy inland, in the interior parts of the western Mediterranean, and in the coastal parts of Hatay and the Taurus Mountains in the eastern Mediterranean, especially localized rain and thunder. Heavy rain is expected around Burdur and Sparta in the afternoon.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

It is expected to be partly cloudy, with local rain and cloudiness in northwestern parts. Heavy rain is expected in places around Eskişehir and Ankara.

It is expected to be partly cloudy in some places with local rain and clouds in the afternoon. Heavy rain is expected in some places

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

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Partly cloudy and less cloudy, partly cloudy in the interior, local rain and thunder are expected around Bolu, Duzce and Karabük.

Partly cloudy, partly cloudy weather is expected on the eastern coast of the Black Sea and in the districts of Artvin locally, with heavy rain and thunder.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

It is expected to be cloudy and clear, partly cloudy in the northeastern parts, very cloudy in places, in the surroundings of Ardahan in the afternoon with local rain and clouds.

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His luxury car was stolen for 15 days in front of his house in Istanbul, a thief stole the luxury car parked on the street. It is known that the car was bought 15 days ago, while the moment of the theft that happened within a few seconds was reflected in the security camera. RainSPOT shows the rainfall status around you. Your current location is centered. In this example, there is light rain about 10 km to the northeast and heavy rain about 5 km to the southwest of you. RainSPOT is a simplified weather radar map that also works for the 7-day forecast. It also shows spatial uncertainty: if the entire area of ​​the raindrop is solid blue, it is more likely to rain at your location than if there are only a few blue squares.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Predictability indicates whether you can trust the current weather forecast. With high predictability, the weather is more likely to be as expected. With low predictability, weather forecasts are uncertain and can easily be inaccurate. In that case, follow the updates. Predictability is calculated by comparing hundreds of forecasts made by national weather agencies and agencies around the world.

Unlock high-resolution graphics, dynamic maps and vehicles for every location on Earth. Point+ provides specific weather information for aviation, astronomy, agriculture, tourism, event planning, extreme sports and more. Weather models are very accurate and cover every point on Earth.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

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Access highly accurate weather forecasts, charts, maps and custom widgets. Point+ provides detailed information for planning and decision making. Unique short myograms provide a quick insight into how the weather will develop over the next few days.

It manages its own weather models and collects data from the National Weather Service to provide the best weather forecasts. Industry leading multi-model forecasting technologies such as MOS and Nowcasting greatly improve forecast quality.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

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Almost all premium content is available worldwide anywhere in the world. One point + subscription unlocks all points. We calculate high-resolution global weather patterns and local patterns for Europe, North and South America, Africa, Oceania and most of Asia. Updated at least every 12 hours.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Our unique Atmospheric Layers graphics such as Stueve, Soundings and Cross Sections show atmospheric weather conditions and are a frequently used tool for flight preparation, for example.

Our charts contain valuable information at a glance and combine quick readability with unparalleled predictive quality. Some meteograms, such as the 5-day meteogram or the comprehensive meteogram, are free, others are included in the + point and offer a more complete overview with more weather variables and hourly data up to 14 days.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

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The 7-day chart extends the forecast with more detailed precipitation and wind data. A 14-day meteogram displays possible weather trends with hourly time zones and calculates possible outcomes. The SNOW chart includes the snow cover as well as the temperature profile up to 5000 meters above the ground. The AGRO Meteogram is designed with farmers in mind to support field management decisions such as planting and spraying.

Weather models generate large amounts of data and are difficult to visualize and understand. Our innovative maps allow you to choose weather variables and allow you to create perfect maps of any region on Earth. It is the perfect tool for professionals, curious users and hobbyists to work on complex weather dynamics.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Global variables such as temperature, clouds, precipitation and wind are available for free. Point+ offers complete capabilities in professional applications for aerospace, agriculture, astronomy, extreme sports and more. Get exclusive maps of thermal indices, atmospheric stability, transpiration, humidity, ocean waves, air suspension and more.

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Point+ gives you exclusive access to all of our high-resolution satellite and radar imagery for any location around the world. This comprehensive view includes historical satellite and radar imagery that can be viewed in a seamless movie showing minute-by-minute weather information since December 20, 2019. A unique movie feature provides access to the latest cloud movements or precipitation events with the highest resolution both daily and at night. The global radar configuration covers every point on earth and also shows detailed forecasts for the European Union and the United States of America.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Together with aviation experts, we have developed improved graphics for gliders, paragliders, airplanes and general aviation. Instead of relying on multiple radiosonde telemetry, measurements of weather patterns are available in hourly increments for the next seven days worldwide.

Most importantly, the AIR meteogram and enhanced Stueve charts and sounding are widely used by professionals and enthusiasts. In addition to maps, cross sections and travel itineraries are essential in any travel preparation.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

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Our top thermal forecasts raise the bar even higher. The carefully designed chart contains the densest atmospheric data we’ve ever added to a chart. In seconds, pilots can calculate slip conditions, wind changes, cloud load and other hazards.

Transient paths and wind currents seem simple, but are extremely difficult to predict. Balloon pilots rely heavily on accurate weather forecasts to fly their passengers safely and knowing where they are going.

Diyarbakır Hava Durumu 45 Günlük

Our tracking varies by up to 7 days

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