Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie – No film is perfect, but it’s rare to find a film that critics unanimously condemn. The latest in Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer’s satirical comedy series

(2008) scores one percent on Rotten Tomatoes for profit, derivative narrative, and low jokes. What the early critics didn’t realize was that this movie wasn’t just lame. It was so brutal that it killed an entire genre in less than two hours

Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie

It’s like playing a game of Mad Libs. The film follows Will (Matt Lanter), his best friend, and a living comic, Black Calvin, all of whom are called “June.”

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(2006) satire serves as an excuse to showcase various parodies such as Batman, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Beowulf. There are only sixteen satires in this film. Especially with the cheap designs they had, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Disaster Movie

The problem isn’t the over-reliance on satire at the expense of narrative. That movie is too cheap to pull off these antics. The joke with Alvin and the Chipmunks is that they have temper tantrums and want to bite the main characters, but the puppets they use for the Chipmunks seem to break with one throw. We can’t focus on the joke when we’re worried about the durability of the props, let alone believe the characters are in danger. The profits don’t end there.

Friedberg and Seltzer decided to double actors like Princess Giselle, Jessica Simpson, and Nicole Parker portraying a saber-toothed Amy Winehouse. Rather than thinking, “Huh, Winehouse must have burned,” I’m thinking, “They couldn’t get another actress for a two-minute cameo, where did their $20 million budget go?” No budget went into the set, which appears to have been built from everything the filmmakers found outside of the backstage and studio warehouse as the muse for the rest of the film. While most comedies aren’t funny, I’ve never seen one where mismanagement budgets get in the way of jokes. Usually a film like this is quickly forgotten, though

Disaster Movie

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. There hasn’t been a major satirical film released since then. Even if we didn’t miss much – the genre is notorious for receiving mixed and poor reception – it’s still shocking to see one film destroy a genre overnight. This situation exemplifies the fact that filmmakers need to consider production plans if they don’t want a real disaster. If you’re looking for a comedy to pass the time, you’ve got plenty of better options

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Disaster Movie

Synopsis: The disaster movie follows a group of hilariously attractive twenty-somethings on one fateful night as they try to get to safety in the face of every natural disaster and catastrophic event known — asteroids, twisters, earthquakes, the works — hitting the town and their path as they try to solve a series of disaster movies. Dayne follows the comic tragedies of a group of hilariously attractive twenty-somethings as they try to get to safety during every known natural disaster and disaster on one fateful night. Event — asteroids, twisters, earthquakes, the works — hit their town and road as they try to solve a series of mysteries to end the rampage. (Lionsgate) … expand

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The film is a merciless send-up of “Juno’s” self-satisfied hipster gobbledygook, and it’s hilarious to see Hannah Montana promote her tie-in products while still dying from a meteorite. Read the full review

Disaster Movie

The production isn’t 100% laugh-free: several songs have humorous lyrics, notably the parodies of “Juno” and “High School Musical.” Read the full review

It does little more than congratulate her audience for identifying the source of her riffs. “High School Musical” — hahaha! Read the full review

Disaster Movie

Best Disaster Movies Ever: Top Natural Disaster Films

It’s easy to say the disaster movie deserves its title, but why did the filmmakers put more effort into casting it than they did writing it? Read the full review

There’s no good way to say this, so I’ll just say it: Writers/directors Friedberg and Seltzer are a plague. Read the full review

Disaster Movie

This movie is a disaster! It is very bad to laugh your soul out of your body… yes… really it is very bad!

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If I had to name one, this is the worst parody movie ever made. Random jokes that have no relevance to what’s going on, the acting is awful and everything else in between can’t save it. Avoid at all costs.

Disaster Movie

Like the movie, the title has been called its disaster. What happened to satire anyway? Parodies like Airplane? Anyway, this movie is one of the worst.

I’m not even going to give a review this time, because I have to say, it’s a disaster!!!

Disaster Movie

Best Natural Disaster Make The End Of The World Entertaining

This movie is a total disaster as the title suggests. There is almost a sense of plot. If you like a storyline where the crystal skull returns to its resting place and stops all destruction. Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg need to be killed off before they get another movie, a complete disaster as the title suggests. There is almost a sense of plot. If you like a storyline where the crystal skull returns to its resting place and stops all destruction. Aaron Seltzer and Jason Freidburg should be killed before they have another chance to release another terrible satire. … Expand—a spoof named exercise that’s the Hollywood equivalent of gym class wedges for everyone from Amy Winehouse to Prince Caspian. But whatever ironic danger these characters are in, they’re in no greater danger than the movie ticket buyers, whose brain cells might try to survive this movie’s escape and landing.

The film’s hero (and I use the term loosely) is called Will, a nice and friendly-looking fellow who visits Winehouse with saber teeth in a dream where the end of the world is said to begin on August 29, 2008. This dream disturbs poor Will, and not just because Winehouse downs a pint of tequila and lets out a three-minute rant. No, he worries that Winehouse’s prediction might actually come true. So he refuses to tell his girlfriend Amy (an employee of the local history museum) that he loves her.

Disaster Movie

Apparently prophetic, and soon the world is gripped by all kinds of terror. A strange cold front is moving through the city. Cows fly in the air. The film’s meteors and pranks crash to the ground with fire and lead punches. Now at the end of it all, Will realizes he has to say those magic words to Amy, and if it’s not too late, he tries to save the world one night at the museum using the mysterious crystal skulls.

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It’s only 90 minutes. It’s 89:30 too long. But, still, it’s not a three-hour trip at least.

Disaster Movie

Since she’s not exactly a member of the “Christian Coalition,” she inspires June to go ahead and have an abortion. He adds that if he has a wire hanger, he will help her. Zac Efron delivers a line about the Catholic priest who molested him as a child, and as said priest comes over and grabs the guy’s back. “Jessica Simpson” sings about how “her teeth are to Jesus.”

The first time we meet Will and Amy, they’re in bed together – a naked Flavor Flav lookalike (with a giant watch covering his privates) and a scantily clad little guy. Although Will and Amy are modestly dressed in comparison, Amy only wears bikini-like underwear.

Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie (2008) Review By Stephen Fisher On Deviantart

A girl pulls up her shirt, revealing a furry belly and, presumably, her breasts (often covered in “girls go wild” signs). “Dr. Phil” tries to seduce a group of women, calling them “lesbians” and “whores” when they turn away from him. Two women fight and twister in skimpy clothes and fishnet stockings. Someone sings about a same-sex relationship they had in college. Another shows off his “abnormally high plumber’s patch” running down the middle of his back. A purported Calvin Klein underwear model throws in his Calvin Kleins. The characters dance smoothly and attractively.

Elsewhere, we see a handful of bikini-clad women running slowly down the street. A photo of Miley Cyrus getting hit by an asteroid, underwear for her new album and talking about her name brand,

Disaster Movie

Gae Po, he presses the breasts of other characters, preparing to do “something,” as we are told. We later find out that she’s actually a trans woman and she’s not the only one. “Michael Jackson” comes out of the trunk of the car with a boy and a monkey. “Justin Timberlake” compromises his own privacy to sing high. His hulking companion wears his pants.

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One character talks about sleeping with the Jonas Brothers. Amy removes a crystal skull from between her legs. From that guy

Disaster Movie

Struggles will be revealed. (Usually we see him from the side and when he is facing

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