Desktop O Que é

Desktop O Que é – In this guide, we explain what a desktop is, its characteristics and differences compared to other types of computers, and more.

With the increasing popularity of notebooks, desktops have taken a back seat for many of the public. That’s why many people ask what a desktop is. However, this computer format is still very popular with gamers, for example, and is also cheaper than notebooks in general – an advantage if you don’t need as much mobility.

Desktop O Que é

Desktop O Que é

In case you’re not sure which computer model is best for you, we’ve put together this buyer’s guide that details the main features of the desktop, how it differs from laptops, and who it’s best for.

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With the popularity of notebooks, it is becoming more and more common to have doubts about what a desktop is (Image: Shutterstock)

To clarify what desktop is, let’s start with the origin of the word. The term “desktop” literally means “on the table”. It can refer to either the desktop of a computer or a computer model intended to be mounted on a table or similar space. In this guide we will talk about the second case.

Also known as PC, personal computer and cabinet, the desktop was not designed to be transported as it is a fixed computer and is therefore recommended for those who do not require mobility and have a space for it. Its main components are the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and the case or CPU, which contains components such as RAM memory and the PC processor.

An advantage of the desktop is that if one of the mentioned components fails, you don’t necessarily have to replace all the others. For example, the monitor can be used with another computer as long as it is a compatible model.

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Knowing what desktop specifications you are looking for is very important. Just like with notebooks, the processor, RAM, mass storage, etc. affect both the price and the performance of the device.

For example, if you are looking for a computer for study/work, a computer with a 10th generation Intel Core i3 or i5 processor is already a good choice. Now if you want to open more difficult programs or games, you need a more powerful processor, a computer with a 10th or 11th generation i7 or i9, such as B. the Dell XPS-8940, is best suited. That was just a quick example. To learn more about which parts to choose for your desktop, read our guide to building your PC.

With a desktop computer, the price flexibility is significantly greater than with notebooks. Not only are good desktops often cheaper compared to most good laptops, but the fact that you can choose which parts to buy for your PC will help you organize your savings.

Desktop O Que é

Of course, more powerful machines, especially if you’re looking to buy a full gaming PC, end up being quite expensive. It is also worth noting that prices have increased significantly during the pandemic due to the low supply of components for the manufacture of technology parts. But for gamers, a big plus is that it’s easier to update parts on a desktop than on a laptop. We have lists of the best general gaming desktops and the best budget gaming PCs.

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Also, some brands are known for higher prices. On the other hand, in many of them the quality of the products is guaranteed. The example is an Apple computer, for which we have a list of advantages and disadvantages.

For those who do not need to run very heavy programs or games, it is good to buy an already complete PC and focus more on price and specifications that meet your needs. The problem of keeping the computer up to date and efficient is not as present as it is for gamers or people who work with heavy editing programs.

We have written an article explaining how to choose your complete PC based on your needs and a list of the best computers for each person, with various offers ranging from keyboard and CPU to all-in-one computers. Speaking of all-in-ones, a common question about what a desktop is is what an all-in-one is. In the following we explain what this model is all about.

In a way, the all-in-one is a new concept of what a desktop is with its compact form factor (Photo: Shutterstock)

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All-in-one computers are like more compact versions of the desktop. With the exception of the keyboard and mouse, the components of the PC are connected behind the screen, without the user having to buy a case, external speakers or a monitor.

The fact that it’s so compact makes the all-in-one a good choice for those who don’t want the portability of a notebook but don’t have the space for a traditional desktop. Due to its format, this type of computer is very efficient to use in the work environment, also due to its much lower number of cables.

Another interesting advantage of the all-in-one is that although it is not designed for portability, if the user needs to move it one day, this model is much easier than the traditional desktop.

Desktop O Que é

There is no objective answer. After understanding what a desktop is, the user himself must weigh his practical and financial needs and decide which option is best.

Acesso Remoto Do Desktop, Telecommuting, Sustentação Da Tecnologia Imagem De Stock

If you’re looking for a computer that’s easier to upgrade in terms of parts and configuration interchangeability, and generally at a lower price point than notebooks, the desktop is a good choice.

If you need mobility and don’t have a lot of space, plus maybe you prefer a more subtle design, the laptop is the best indication. The all-in-one models also do in part, because they ultimately act as an intermediary between laptop and desktop functions.

Therefore, it is up to the user to do their research and decide what is best for them. We hope this guide has helped you in your final decision! Desktop is a simplified term from the English desktop publisher (which is the same as desktop text editor) and can be translated as “on the table”. In computing, it refers to the start screen of the computer or even the desktop.

It contains various elements that integrate the computer system, such as program shortcuts, folders, files, documents, as well as icons in the bottom bar of the screen, date and time.

Remote Desktop Software

Because of its practicality and ease of use, it is common for users to store their work in it so they can find it faster when they need access. The desktop also allows customization, which means that the user can change the availability of distributed elements, insert or delete files, and add an image to the background of the screen.

There are also window managers that allow the user to open more than one workspace or window to do several different tasks at the same time and which can be more organized.

On the other hand, the term desktop is confused with laptop because both share a common feature: easier use. Desktop is the computer that is placed on the table while laptop refers to the computer that is placed on the user’s lap.

Desktop O Que é

In this way, they can also be differentiated by weight and size, considering that the laptop must be smaller in order not to cause discomfort to the user when performing a task.

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On the other hand, the term desktop publisher is a term used to refer to computer programs that perform the task of editing, pagination, creating and manipulating images, as well as visualizing the type of impression that is obtained from the work becomes

In this case, this activity refers to graphic design, which creates works of an artistic nature such as various brochures, signs, banners, catalogs, advertisements, among others. To carry out this type of work, it is necessary to use various computer programs such as Photoshop, Coreldaw, Photoscape and Illustrator.

If the user does not have access or knowledge of the specific functionalities of these programs, which are considered advanced, he uses more simple ones such as: Microsoft Power Point (to create or edit images for the distribution of something) or text editors such as Microsoft Word.

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