Depois Do Culto Letra

Depois Do Culto Letra – Since its release, the “Hotel California” theme has sparked controversy as to what was behind its lyrics. On social media, 45 years later, theories about the hidden messages in the global success of the American group the Eagles continue to be shared and debated.

“Some believe that the ‘Hotel California’ referred to in the song was actually a psychiatric hospital located between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara called Camarillo State Hospital, which operated between 1963 and 1997. 20, 2021.

Depois Do Culto Letra

Depois Do Culto Letra

Following this hypothesis, it is reported that the hospital became known for housing artists with mental problems and drug addicts. “In one of the buildings of this hospital there is a tower with the mission bell, built in 1930, which gave great credence to this theory, as the song quotes the saying ‘I heard the mission bell’”, it is also .

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Another theory that developed over the years, with some success, was that the lyrics were simply demon worship.” Things that further supported this theory were: a snippet of the song ‘try to kill the beast’ and we. haven’t had this spirit here since 1969 ‘. ), Anton LaVey,” says the analysis. Members of the North American group were even rumored to be cults.

As is almost always the case, the truth about the meaning of this rock theme turns out to be less exciting than the theories developed over the years. As confirmed by “Snopes”, the North American forum for

, in an article published in 2014, the song “Hotel California” is ultimately a metaphor for the decadence and greed of Southern California in the 1970s.

When the theme was released, the Eagles were at the height of their popularity. Although they were steeped in money, drugs and fame, they were troubled by this reality and the same uneasiness was expressed in the lyrics of this song. The main message of the theme is even a metaphor for the dark side of the planetary fame they achieved.

Depois Do Culto

In 1995, Don Henley, a member of the North American group, gave an interview in which he said that the song “captured the spirit of the times, which was too much in this country [the United States] and in the music world in particular”. . On another occasion, Henley referred to the theme’s meaning as “the loss of innocence”.

“The underlying theme of the album is the corruption of rock stars fascinated by the lost music industry of Los Angeles. The famous title track portrays California as a golden prison that the artist freely enters only to later discover that there is no escape,” he concluded. . Snopes.

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