De Qual Habilidade Da Inteligência Emocional A Tirinha Está Tratando

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De Qual Habilidade Da Inteligência Emocional A Tirinha Está Tratando

De Qual Habilidade Da Inteligência Emocional A Tirinha Está Tratando

Portuguese – Vol. 5 – Interpreting and Interpreting – Journalistic – Modernism 2 Phase 3 – Clear Poetry, Borderline Poetry and Tropicalism – The Prayer of the Times Emotional intelligence can be defined as a person’s ability to be socially competent, based on the development of five skills. These five The skills are: empathy or the practice of recognizing emotions in others, the ability to connect with others; self-awareness can be defined as the ability to understand one’s feelings and use this to live well in society; controlling emotions or creating a process, Enables you to coordinate your feelings for events and self-care.

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According to Piaget (1969), thinking is an expression of intelligence and is always structured as a functional process developed by the process itself. This dynamic process of construction emerges from human interaction with the environment. However, Skinner (1968) pointed out that the relationship between the teaching process and the factors that provide satisfaction is directly related, that is, for the process to be successful, there must be “rewards”, which can be understood as personal goals. It is also important to consider the suggestion made by Abreu and Masetto (1996), that students not only acquire knowledge (knowledge), but also acquire new values ​​and behaviors during the teaching process.

An interesting approach to this topic (emotional intelligence and teaching methods) is the relationship between elements found in the space in which teaching takes place. teachers, students and colleagues. Today, emotional intelligence is a major determinant of the teaching process. It needs to be emphasized that teachers need to develop their own emotional intelligence, but also need to develop the part of themselves to be a good assistant in the teaching process, so that the teaching can be more personalized. In addition, schools should be viewed as students’ social context at that time, and the ability to communicate with staff and know how to deal with them in this context is important for students to develop their overall abilities, including the development of emotional intelligence.

The ideas presented by Daniel Goleman in his book Emotional Intelligence are closely related to the above author’s description of the teaching and learning process, showing that emotional intelligence plays an important role in this process in a positive way. Encourage in the right way. develop knowledge. A person who adapts well to their environment, recognizes a purpose that facilitates their learning, and most importantly, invests well in learning skills, but also demonstrates emotional intelligence in the personal development and teaching process.

According to Skinner, the second approach to teaching is based on the relationship between activities that provide learners with satisfaction and impart knowledge. With this in mind, it’s important to consider the ludic model as the best tool to help in this process. The use of this method has been described as motivating factors that lead to interactions among students, making them agents of the learning process in terms of planning and updating ideas. Furthermore, this interaction enables teachers to instruct, motivate and evaluate teachers and students.

O Efeito De Humor Da Tirinha Abaixo Se Deve: A) Á Postura Desobediente De Mafalda Diante Da

The use of games in the study of biology in secondary and primary schools is justified, given that the content is often ambiguous and difficult to understand. In addition, due to the influence of traditional teaching methods, the content varies widely and is inconsistent.

Today, the content of genetics is increasingly present in everyday life. However, teachers who teach sequences between characters demonstrate genes, while students fail to understand the nature of genes and their behavior in the intergenerational transmission of characters. Therefore, there is an urgent need to create new approaches to change the way modern biological sciences are taught with a focus on genetics.

The present work aims to provide a high-level alternative for the teaching and treatment of previously mentioned topics in the field of genetics from the literature study of the memory game “Memogene”.

De Qual Habilidade Da Inteligência Emocional A Tirinha Está Tratando

The game consists of 106 cards, 46 of which are pictures, divided into 23 sections, and 60 cards with questions and answers.

Dcrc 2019 Oficial Pdf

Competitions allow up to five players, four players and a judge who will leave the answer sheet on the answer sheet and check the answers for correctness. The question types cover all genetics subjects in high school and consist of multiple-choice and multiple-choice questions, ranging in difficulty from easy to difficult. Two cards have pictures related to genetics and evolution to provide a better understanding of the topics discussed.

Cut out the letters and write on cardstock and wait for it to dry, then cover it with a piece of paper or let it dry.

The proposed instrument has not been used in high schools, but other authors have used similar suggestions. The enthusiasm and engagement of faculty and students is evident in the work being done in the field, suggesting that the approved pedagogical approach in the teaching of genetics is interesting.

In addition to the high student participation in school activities demonstrated by Justiniano et al. et al., 2006; Gomez et al. al.2011, Memory games provide benefits for the development of attention, as it is believed to be a brain stimulating activity that improves perception of places and memory of pictures. The proposed game activity can be used in other areas of teaching, connecting ideas and changing images, connecting interesting topics for teachers and students.

Caderno Linguagens By Somos Educação

In addition to improving the quality of teaching, play activities promote cognitive development, empowering students to think better. Student-to-student and teacher interactions should also be considered. The game is a tool for connecting members involved in teaching. This comparison tends to foster a teacher-student relationship. In addition, the use of games revealed the difficulties that students had in connecting ideas that were previously unknown to educators.

Therefore, the implementation of interesting activities created in the current teaching environment has effectively changed the teaching process from the implementation environment, which is conducive to the interaction between activity elements, individual students, groups and teachers.

Griffiths AJ, Wessler SR, Lewontin RC, Carrol SB. Introduction to genetics. 9th Edition, Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, 2009.

De Qual Habilidade Da Inteligência Emocional A Tirinha Está Tratando

Justiniano, S.CBB, Moroni, RB., Moroni, F.T., Santos,

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