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Contraproposta Ou Contra Proposta – In August this year, AASTERS presented to the state government a proposal for a career plan for scientific technicians, which included a series of structural and salary improvements (establishment of the exclusive commitment regime, creation of careers, increase in the number of classes, etc.). payment of Additional Qualification, extension of functional progress, increase of GET, etc.).

However, the government recently presented a proposal to restructure our Framework, profiled differently from what we offer and structured into two levels and six degrees of functional advancement.

Contraproposta Ou Contra Proposta

Contraproposta Ou Contra Proposta

Given this, and given the circumstances (many other categories of civil servants receiving salary adjustments) and the delay in defining a final project (six months of negotiations in the CODIPE), we consider it necessary today, 22/11, to present a feasible, realistic counter-proposal, and using the structure designed by the government, which highly values ​​the qualification of technical and scientific personnel and promotes the personal and professional development of employees.

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It would be pointless now – given the above circumstances – to present a project that strives for Salary Eden and which ultimately leads us to complete frustration, since it is unrealizable.

In the counter-proposal presented today, in addition to the percentages of base salary adjustment already proposed by the government administration (6% in March 2013 and 6% in October 2013) plus two phases of adjustment, 5% in March 2014 and 5% in October of the same year.

Regarding the scale of Levels I and II, we have also proposed that from October 2014, Level II Grade A will be 5% higher than Level I Grade F.

Another important measure mentioned in the counter-proposal concerns the GET (Technical Stimulus Bonus), which would be calculated from October 2014 on the basis of Grade F of Level I, and with a small increase (from 34 to 38%).

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We leave it to the masters of illusion, well known to all of us, to imagine the unrealizable to prevent the career plan from becoming reality, and for the government to complete the negotiations by only a small percentage of the salary adjustment.

The relevant counter-proposal is limited to the structure and level of the salary guidelines presented by the government. We understand that once salary bases are established there would be more peace of mind for discussion of other measures included in the project proposal, which has been partially made public.

On 11/26, an entity that practices recreational machine sub-unionism plans to gather 10 or 15 scientific technicians for a micro-mobilization at the CAFF.

Contraproposta Ou Contra Proposta

Outside the CODIPE room, the organizers of this nanomedical (de)mobilization claim to be in favor of a career plan for scientific technicians.

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Inside, they say they don’t want a career plan, and would be happy with a 21.0% increase in base salaries.

Because that’s how union work creeps in with two faces, with the yellow of the union tax and the spirit of Pinocchio incorporated.

GRAPHIC REPRESENTATION OF THE GAP: This chart shows the pay gap between technicians and scientists and other senior careers in the Executive.

Copyright © Técnico-Científicos RS | Powered by Blogger | Adapted by Blow Computers Design by Ronangelo | Blogger Template More Template What manager has never faced the dilemma of making a counteroffer to that good employee who has resigned? This has been one of the greatest challenges of leadership, because after gathering a strong team, adding technical knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop quality work, the doubt may arise: offering a raise to retain the employee is really the best solution?

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In this post, you will learn that the counterproposal is not even an effective alternative for talent retention. Get on!

The Robert Half survey, conducted with 1,000 Human Resources (HR) managers from eight countries, found that the counterproposal is a practice adopted by 71% of managers.

This is mainly because leaders are afraid of losing their best employees. 86% of HR directors in Brazil and Chile are concerned about this issue.

Contraproposta Ou Contra Proposta

These figures reflect the perception of a shortage of skilled workers, and this reality means that organizations must keep the best resources available and avoid turnover at all costs.

Infográfico Negociação Salarial By Sinditamaraty

However, the counterproposal is an inefficient solution, since when looking for a job outside the organization in which the employee is employed, the employee is no longer committed to business goals, and the salary is usually only one. of the problems you are experiencing in your current job. As a result, the employee, even if he accepts the counter-proposal, is inclined to leave again within a short period of time.

Among the factors contributing to the lack of commitment of employees are facts related to the corporate culture, organizational climate and also the lack of professional opportunities.

Research by Robert Half found that 75% of managers have made a counter-offer throughout their careers to an employee who left the company within a short period of time, voluntarily or otherwise.

Dismissal usually takes place within 12 months, as the reasons for looking for a new job still exist. The decision to grant a counter-proposal can therefore be detrimental to both the company and the applicant.

Artigo 27º, 28º E 29º Do Direito De PreferÊncia

Thus, the increase in income may work as a short-term remedy, but the problems that plague the professional in the current position tend to continue.

The counterproposal also affects the reputation of the professional, both with the current and potential employer, as the other organization’s recruiter may perceive that the professional is motivated only by money.

The current manager, on the other hand, will feel that he can lose the professional at any time if he is presented with a proposal that he cannot fulfill, and this ultimately undermines the bonds of trust.

Contraproposta Ou Contra Proposta

To have a productive and happy team at work, it is necessary to invest in actions that promote pride in working for the company. Commitment leads to loyalty, passion for excellence in work delivery and dedication.

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Of course, providing pay and benefits is important, but the new generation of workers needs to feel purposeful in everything they do. That’s why the time has come to look for the elusive: to understand emotions, relationships and – yes – talk about dreams.

To retain employees without the need for counterproposals, the team must first have a perception that leadership and the company genuinely care about people.

Second, the company must be an environment of trust, which is very different from an environment without conflict. We are talking about a good organizational climate here.

Third, people must understand that their work is important to the organization. This will make them feel more involved, valued and motivated.

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The career plan lays out the path the employee must take within the organization to advance, identifying the necessary skills for each position. It allows all employees to understand what is expected of them and what they must do to achieve positions within the company.

Providing employees with the resources they need to perform in the company, such as training in technical skills, opportunities, resources and motivation, increases employee accountability and is critical to achieving good results.

As a result, the employee will start to think like the owner of the company and will therefore make the necessary decisions to ensure the best deliveries.

Contraproposta Ou Contra Proposta

To get to this stage, it is first and foremost necessary to have a culture that values ​​employee development, empowering every professional within the company.

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It is important to create actions to improve the climate in the working environment. To do this, for example, promote a welcoming environment that encourages socialization and exercise, and provide recreational areas.

Meetings and happy hours are also important for the team of employees to bond, encourage the exchange of ideas and create moments to listen to people. Constant feedback is essential and must be given continuously.

If you’ve lost a lot of employees because of wages, it’s likely that the average salary and benefits the company offers are lower than what the market offers. Therefore, do market research at companies in your segment in the region where your company is located or engage a specialized consultancy if your segment is very specific.

As we have seen in this post, the counterproposal should be avoided for several reasons, including because it acts as a mitigation measure that does not address the root cause, and also because it is not very effective for the company and the employee.

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In the Robert Half Salary Guide you will find the most complete salary research and a survey of the hiring trends in the Brazilian market.

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