Concurso Ufrj Assistente Administrativo 2022

Concurso Ufrj Assistente Administrativo 2022 – The preliminary results of the objective tests of the UFRJ competition for the position of administrative assistant are now available for consultation.

Candidates who have cleared the UFRJ exams for the post of administrative assistant can now check the preliminary result and final answer of the exam on the website of the organizer PR-4. The results were published last Saturday, 4. The prediction, according to the announcement, is that the final result of the exam will be published on the next 10th, so the next step, the hetero identification procedure, will begin. The administrative assistant exams held on May 22 consisted of 50 questions, 20 of which were Portuguese, 10 on legislation, 10 on information technology, and 10 on logic. According to public notice, the competition should end this month, September 29. Those approved will be invited for a period of validity of two years, which may be extended for another two years. It should be noted that UFRJ is recruiting for the position of administrative assistant, as well as laboratory assistants, IT and accounting. A new record for these activities was recorded in the last 3 days, but has not yet been published. The exams of these candidates were canceled on the 16th due to work problems. Laboratory, technician-technician and accounting Vacancies: 103 Requirements: intermediate and technical level Salary: R $ 2,904.96 Registration: from March 21 to April 24 Exams: administrative assistant (May 22) and technicians (waiting for a new record) UFRJ Competition 103 In total, the UFRJ competition offers 103 vacancies in secondary and technical positions. This is the first of three scheduled selections. In this first public announcement for the field of Administration, there are opportunities focusing on middle and technical positions, including: administrative assistant (82 vacancies, 62 of which are open competitions); laboratory technician (seven vacant positions), on the specialties of clinical analysis, biology, zoological geopaleontological collection, clinical pathology, mechanics and chemistry; Information technology technician (three vacancies), in the areas of development, security and network support, and customer support; and accounting accountant (11 vacancies). Vacancies are spread throughout the Rio de Janeiro, Macaé and Duque de Caxias campuses. It should be said that the position is an administrative assistant at the middle level. In this case, 82 vacancies will be offered immediately. Of this total, 80 are for operations in Rio de Janeiro, one for Macao and one for Duque de Caxias. Those who are approved have a starting salary of R$ 2,904.96, including food allowance. However, a candidate with a higher degree, for example, will receive R $ 3,516.70, since there is a 25% adjustment to the salary (R $ 611.74). With this, the income can increase according to the diploma, which is R $ 3,639.04 for postgraduates, R $ 4,177.37 for masters and R $ 4,740.18 for doctors. All prices already include food allowance (R $ 458).

Concurso Ufrj Assistente Administrativo 2022

Concurso Ufrj Assistente Administrativo 2022

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You just have to register and follow the competitions you are interested in to get special news directly on your home page. For technical level posts, the exams have new dates.

The first phase of tests was implemented in a public competition at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) last weekend. There are 103 vacancies in the elections, in which more than 35 thousand candidates were registered, in technical-administrative positions in the field of education.

There are opportunities for professional and technical placements at the secondary level at the Rio de Janeiro, Macaé and Duque de Caxias campuses. The starting salary is BRL 2,446.96 plus food allowances of BRL 458 and medical allowances of BRL 321. There is also a qualification incentive that can add up to 50% of the base salary depending on the employee’s title.

. Due to labor problems, the university has decided to cancel the objective test for technical posts

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Information Technology (blank codes D-011, D-012 and D-013) and Accounting Specialist (blank codes D-014, D-015 and D-016).

The new exam schedule for these posts will be announced on June 3, a university release said.

Exams for administrative assistant were held from 9:00 to 13:00 on 05/22 and consisted of 50 questions. These are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with applicants scoring 50% or more of the total marks considered.

Concurso Ufrj Assistente Administrativo 2022

The result of the administrative assistant exam is expected to be released on June 3.

Curso Concurso Ufrj (rj) 2022 Assistente: Administração

For the candidates for the laboratory position, as well as the practical test of elimination and classification nature, which will be held on the new date, is not yet scheduled. The following are invited for the practical exam:

Candidates who are considered approved will be grouped according to the position / industry / city of the vacancy and the type of vacancy (wide vacancy or competitive vacancy for disabled candidates or vacancy for black candidates) according to the selected option. , according to the order of decrease from the last period of the Public Competition.

The final result of the Public Competition will be published in the official journal of the Union and on the UFRJ website.

The validity period of the public offer will be two years, calculated from the date of publication of the final production license in the Official Federal Gazette, and it may be extended only once for the same period at the discretion of the UFRJ.

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The BB public tender for secretaries will be registered until February for 6,000 vacancies. The bank recruits in all states.

Concurso Ufrj Assistente Administrativo 2022

Enem 2022 templates are out this Wednesday (23). INEP administered the National Secondary Examination to 2.5 million candidates.

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ENEM exams were implemented on November 13 and 20. See how to analyze feedback from 2 days of testing.

Eletrobras Termonuclear tests to fill 137 vacancies in middle, technical and management positions. See next steps.

The City Hall of Marika-RJ opens 76 vacancies in 4 positions, 60 of which are for lifeguards: basic, intermediate and advanced in administration. Average level. R $ 2,904 at the beginning.

Among the approved positions is the position of administrative assistant, which requires only an intermediate level and has a starting salary of R$ 2,904.96, including R$ 458 for food allowance. The workload is 40 hours per week.

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The competition was announced by the dean of the Human Resources Department of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Luzia Araujo. He said that preparations for the UFRJ competition have already started and applications from various units of the university are currently being accepted.

According to him, the announcement about the UFRJ competition will be published in October or November. “The tests will be held in the first semester of next year and the candidates will start working in 2022,” he said.

PR-4 personnel policy coordinator, Rejane Andrea Magales de Barros, said the offer has not yet been determined, but she believes there should be at least 100 vacancies. Of this total, about 60 will be for administrative assistants only, which is the current number of vacancies.

Concurso Ufrj Assistente Administrativo 2022

The election also includes senior positions whose salary is R$ 4,638.66, which also includes food allowance. “We have to consider about ten positions in the competition. In addition to the administrative assistant, we intend to offer vacancies, for example, for nurses and doctors in some specialties,” said Rejane de Barros, who joined UFRJ as an administrative assistant.

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The dean of the human resources department of UFRJ, who is also a professional civil servant (nurse), said that the position of administrative assistant is the one that is most in demand for employees in the university.

“This is one of the most important tasks for the university. All departments are fighting for the presence of an assistant,” said Luzia Araujo, noting that the university is understaffed and a large number of students receive permanent scholarships, that is, in retirement conditions.

In the last competition for administrative assistants held in 2017, UFRJ offered 40 vacancies for the post, but during the competition’s validity period (one year, renewable for another) it invited 264 candidates, more than six times. more stated in the announcement.

The 40 administrative assistant positions offered were distributed as follows: 20 for general (12 in Rio de Janeiro, five in Macaé and three in Casias), ten for the hospital center (Rio de Janeiro) and ten people for different hours (five people for the hospital). complex and five for general).

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PR-4 personnel policy coordinator said that it is not yet possible to specify which of them

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