Como O Batman Dorme

Como O Batman Dorme – For a long time, it has been questioned how Batman sleeps, since he spends the day as Bruce Wayne and the night of crime. In the comics, this mystery has already been answered: the hero lies through microsleep, a practice that science considers harmful to health.

Unlike Superman and Wonder Woman, Batman has no conditions other than human, so sleep is essential. When you think of the endless list of tasks, from patrolling Gotham City, board meetings at Wayne Enterprises, Justice League meetings, and training sessions (one on one or with Robin), it just doesn’t add up, as a human being. . need to sleep about eight hours a day.

Como O Batman Dorme

Como O Batman Dorme

Over the years, Bruce Wayne learned to administer microsleep sessions, staying unconscious for a short period of time. This concept was first introduced in Batman #682 by Grant Morrison and Lee Garbett. On the occasion, the butler Alfred expresses concern about the unhealthy habits of his boss. In response, Wayne activates microsleep mode, escaping the lecture and waking up seconds later.

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Although the hero benefited from this practice by training the brain to go into microsleep on purpose during study or work, microsleep in real life is seen as dangerous.

According to the Sleep Foundation, microsleep can be the two arbitrary naps of a few minutes or even seconds (in the latter case, it is more similar to what Batman does in his daily life). At that time, the person may even keep their eyes open, giving the impression that they are still awake.

But unlike the bat, microsleep does not happen on purpose, and is directly related to issues such as sleep deprivation or disorders such as apnea. People without any disorders may still experience it, but during a monotonous task, such as driving on an empty road at dawn.

At the moment, science still does not have an exact answer to what happens to the brain during this experience, but researchers have already noticed that during an episode of microsleep, brain waves measured by an electroencephalogram visibly decrease, and that it is related to brain activity. which is different from that found in regular sleep. It turns out that much of the brain during microsleep – which is normally shut down during sleep – was still active.

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Micro-sleeping can be difficult to recognize, as it occurs even when the person’s eyes are open. However, key properties include:

Experts warn that episodes of microsleep can be caused by the use of alcohol and certain medications, as can the use of antihistamine medications (usually indicated for the treatment of allergic reactions such as hives, runny nose, allergic rhinitis or conjunctivitis, for example ).

Depriving yourself of a night of sleep and sticking to microsleep sessions during the day can lead to some of the consequences of sleep deprivation, such as weight gain or a weakened immune system. In addition, the central nervous system is the body’s main information pathway, and sleep is necessary to keep it functioning properly.

Como O Batman Dorme

Sleep also affects the processes that keep the heart and blood vessels healthy, including those that affect blood sugar levels, blood pressure and inflammation. If the sleep deprivation continues for a long time, the person may experience hallucinations and increase psychological risks such as anxiety, depression or impulsive behavior.

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Unless you’re Batman, it’s best to see a professional if microsleep episodes are a part of your life. Still, to treat and prevent this inconvenience, it is important to get enough sleep at night. Developing a few lifestyle and routine adjustments can improve sleep quality, such as:

Currently, there is no treatment specifically recommended for microsleep, which is not officially considered a disorder. However, it is necessary to investigate the reason behind these events, so that the doctor can indicate the best treatment for the condition associated with this differentiated behavior. Would Batman be fascist and reactionary? ? In the debates about the character that hits theaters this Thursday (4) in the skin of Robert Pattinson, it almost reached a consensus that the Batman is the real deal. After all, Bruce Wayne is a millionaire who spends a lot of his time banging virgins instead of trying to use his money to peacefully change Gotham City.

Although it is an obvious criticism at first glance, any superhero who fights crime is a fascist idea, which would be unreasonable. After all, this would include from Captain America to the democratic Green Arrow: many characters have a traumatic origin in rich social classes and live fighting small bandits between big adventures. We are talking about North American or European characters, created decades ago and changed and reformed many times. Many started out fighting Nazis, then Communists, spies, foreigners and, today, criminals.

, the Joker is rebelling against a capitalist society more reminiscent of the Joaquin Phoenix movie, which has little resemblance between the comics.

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It is almost impossible to define what they were or always will be. Regardless, we decided to list five canonical reasons to suspect Batman is a reactionary or a fascist Check it out:

Human life is of no value to Bruce Wayne. Batman never kills and much of his training involves refusing to use firearms. He also doesn’t accept the use of any allies, which justifies his strained relationship with other superheroes. Batman has developed training that makes him have his own weapon and be able to counter any bullet or weapon.

You can even find stories where the character himself goes against these rules, but these are always situations full of drama for someone who is traumatized by the murder of his parents. It is the exception and never the rule in the canon of the hero, contrary to the election campaign of some politicians…

Como O Batman Dorme

Although he can walk very thin lines, the Dark Knight is always much closer to the light than the dark, always avoiding seeking help or assistance from anyone who uses methods he deems questionable. This includes even superheroes like the characters from the Suicide Squad (in the comics made by many of his gallery of villains) or even important heroes like the Green Lantern Guy Gardner, who never had sympathy.

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, Batman begins his career and sees Gotham City ridden with crime due to police corruption. He only trusts one officer in the entire city: Jim Gordon. Man-Bat himself and the victims of the brutality of this institution are persecuted when he begins to capture the crime leaders of his city, who try to capture him at all costs. You will hardly see a story where Bruce Wayne’s alter ego trusts the actions of the police or the US military or blindly defends him.

Despite having a secret identity and having so many other secrets, Gotham City’s protector has never had problems with reporters and has even been involved with one. Vicky Vale is a kind of Lois Lane from Gotham City and is always after photos or stories related to Batman, even though she doesn’t suspect that she could be her crush.

Batman does not seek to censor the press but rarely gives interviews because it is difficult to be transparent when you have to hide who you are to protect your friends. However, it is not uncommon for the hero to help reporters with evidence of powerful crimes that a masked man could not present alone.

Batman has no desire to dominate the world and the United States with his actions. Incidentally, he often leaves the Justice League in the lurch with the excuse that he is too busy with Gotham City. Unlike a fascist, he hardly bothers to extend his “bat eye” outside his own city, even because Man-Bat doesn’t like to obey or discuss orders, but that’s a topic for another post… , that is because the bat basically works at night, and during the day he stays with the league for a while and also has to lead a life like Bruce Wayne.

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Well, we already have the answer thanks to the hero comics. As of Batman #682, Bruce Wayne lies through microsleep.

This is a practice for the person to be unconscious for a short period of time. However, this is an action that is considered harmful to health.

Alfred probably plays a key role in these micro-sleeps. That is because he is the only person who helps Bruce at Wayne Manor.

Como O Batman Dorme

It should be noted that our preparation hero has several activities during the day. He has to train, he has to participate in league meetings, sometimes he helps the league, he has to lead the life of Gotham’s rich man, among others.

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Unlike Superman and Wonder Woman, the bat has no special abilities such as super strength or stamina, so he must sleep.

Because many of them don’t have the answer, they even play with that old guess. “How did he sleep? -Bruce’s

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