Como Ler Receita De óculos

Como Ler Receita De óculos – Eyeglass prescriptions have various abbreviations, numbers and letters and we never understand what they mean, do we?

If you’ve been through this situation, you know that it only makes buying more difficult. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew the meaning of every number and symbol on your eyeglass prescription?

Como Ler Receita De óculos

Como Ler Receita De óculos

Imagine saving time and money by knowing how to interpret a recipe to make the right purchase. So stop imagining! We will help you understand better now!

O Que é Grau Cilíndrico?

These abbreviations are as important as the letters indicated in front of your degree. For example, negative and positive signs indicate different perspective problems. Existence:

Prescriptions contain various information, such as distance from the eye, that contact lenses do not. You can even change grades this way.

This will indicate the degree of myopia or hyperopia you have in each eye. That is, if you have difficulty seeing far away (VL) or close up (VP).

Marking glasses on prescription will draw attention to any problems. If there is a minus sign in front of the number, you are nearsighted. If it is positive, then you have foresight.

Sound Tortoise Grau

Notice that in the example, each eye rating has a plus sign in front of it. This means, therefore, that it is a prescription of glasses for nearsightedness.

Well, it has its own column, next to the circular column step we just saw. See below:

The cylindrical degree will indicate whether you have perspective. If the CIL column is filled in, the correct prescription lens class information will be there.

Como Ler Receita De óculos

But the degree of astigmatism is placed on a specific axis of vision, not on the entire lens. Therefore, along with the complete CIL column, the AXIS column should be included.

Vídeo Sobre Como Ler Receita De óculos

For those who have astigmatism, the eye has an irregular shape in which several foci are formed. When normality is only a focus.

This is why the axis of perspective is necessary because these different points that make up your eye actually span several axes of your vision.

This axis is the position of the degree of astigmatism on the cornea of ​​the eye and this measurement ranges from 0 to 180 degrees.

For example, an axis between 0 and 25 degrees or between 165 and 180 degrees results in glasses with thicker lenses at the top and bottom.

Decifrando A Receita Dos Meus Óculos De Grau

As a result, the glasses are thinner at the temples (next to the lenses). And this is one of the best cases for the aesthetics of glasses, precisely because we look at the side of the glasses to see if the lens is thick.

On the other hand, when the axis is closer to 70º and 110º or 90º, the lenses tend to thicken in the temples. Unlike others, it is the worst in terms of aesthetics and applies to any type of lens used.

To help you understand better, we’ve created a table that shows how eyeglass lenses look depending on the degree of axis. Appearance:

Como Ler Receita De óculos

Adding to your eyeglass prescription means you must wear multifocal lenses. These lenses have both near and far vision.

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Adding to your eyeglass prescription means that in addition to nearsightedness or farsightedness, you need a few more degrees to be able to see clearly up close. This is called presbyopia, also known as tired eyes.

This problem usually develops from the age of 40, when people have difficulty seeing up close.

This means that presbyopia is a progressive loss of elasticity of the crystalline lens, which is the eye’s natural lens, making it difficult to focus accurately on near objects.

After the diagnosis of presbyopia, the ophthalmologist will determine the need for vision correction in the prescription, indicating how many degrees to add to the current degree, thus making all the vision correction in one lens.

Curso Consultor Óptico

To correct presbyopia, multifocal lenses must be used. These lenses have both near and far fields in one lens.

The degree of presbyopia appears in the column labeled “Near” or “Add” and may be shown with the degree already added to the degree of myopia or farsightedness, or simply as an addition, which is a value that still needs to be added.

So let’s do an example of a basic calculation: if the degree is -2 (for myopia) and the sum is +3, your degree for nearsightedness in the lens will be 1.

Como Ler Receita De óculos

For: -2 (far) +3 (sum) = 1 (near). So it should be noted that in this example the degree of myopia is already added to the degree of myopia. A negative sign indicating myopia in a non-spherical column must be included in the calculation.

Par De Lentes Multifocais Progressiva Svision Com Antirreflexo Clean Presbiopia

But if it is +2 degrees (farsightedness), then the sum is also +3, so your near degree will be +5.

NPD (nasolopupular distance) is a measurement in millimeters of the distance between the pupils and the nose. PD (or pupillary distance) is the distance between the two pupils.

This varies from person to person and affects the thickness of the glasses, ie, how they will be adjusted and fitted according to your measurements.

DNP measurement also affects the thickness of glasses. The smaller the DNP measurement and the larger the frame size, the more visible the edges of the lens.

Como Ler Receita De óculos?

If that’s your question, well, there’s actually no high grade for glasses, but rather a classification that defines the degree of myopia as low, moderate, and high. See how it works below:

Generally, when we start wearing glasses, we often go through an adaptation phase. This period of using the glasses usually takes up to 7 days.

During this time, some people experience nausea and dizziness. But if the symptoms don’t improve after this time, there might be something wrong with your glasses: it might be the wrong grade of glasses.

Como Ler Receita De óculos

That’s why we always recommend that as soon as you get your new glasses, take them to the optician who wrote your prescription to make sure everything is in order.

Aprenda A Como Ler Receitas De óculos De Forma Simples

Only he can tell you if the lenses are made and fitted according to your prescription and your eye size.

Now that you are aware of this, you also need to know the perfect glasses model for your degree.

Thus, it is much easier to find the perfect glasses for your face and your needs.

After this time, a new consultation should be done, believes ophthalmologist Gustavo Bonfadini from the Institute of Ophthalmology in Rio de Janeiro – IORJ.

Fis07 Livro Propostos By Leonardo Fonseca

During the consultation, the optometrist analyzes and takes into account your needs at the moment. This means that if you have an old recipe, it may not fix the problem you have now.

Accordingly, this diagnosis may no longer meet your needs and several problems may arise thereafter.

There are different types of eyeglass prescriptions, but you should know that they should always contain the most important information.

Como Ler Receita De óculos

Thus, without imposing a model, you always get a round column – ESF, a cylindrical column – CIL, LE (left eye), RE (right eye), axis, DNP/DP.

O Que Significa Pl Na Receita De óculos?

As you can see, it is very important to understand the prescription your eye doctor gives you because it is a way to understand what you really have and need for any problems.

We are sure that in your next visits you will already understand everything your doctor instructed and you will know how to choose the perfect glasses for your prescription, simple, easy.

Now that you know how to read eyeglass prescriptions, here’s why you shouldn’t buy frames before lenses.

What news Tell us if you’ve learned to read your glasses prescription so you’re no longer dependent on someone else. Leave your comments!

Conheça O Exame De Refração, Que Calcula O Grau Dos óculos

Oh, and don’t forget to visit your eye doctor at least once a year.

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Como Ler Receita De óculos

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