Como Fazer Xarope De Guaco

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Propolis is a resinous compound collected from the leaves, flowers, and buds of bees and reused to seal the cracks of the hive, protecting the hive from bacteria and other types of germs. Propolis is effective against throat inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

Como Fazer Xarope De Guaco

Como Fazer Xarope De Guaco

Guaco – Micania glomerata grows in South America and grows naturally in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil, especially in the south and southeast regions, and is widely used in folk medicine. Its active principles include tannins, resins, saponins, and essential oils.

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In addition to combating coughs, phlegm, and respiratory infections, this syrupy compound also contains propolis, which helps and accelerates the recovery of health, thus greatly improving immunity.

People who are sensitive to the components of the drug may develop an allergic reaction. Not recommended for use during pregnancy.

Tint Propolis 20%, Micania Glomerata HO 5%, Ipeca HO 5%, Grindelia Robusta 2%, Belladonna HO 2%, Vaikulo QSP

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Xarope De Guaco

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Como Fazer Xarope De Guaco

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16. In accordance with the Resolution No. 586/2013 of the Pharmacy Council, it will be sold with the prescription of a qualified specialist who can work as our pharmacist. Guaco syrup with honey is great for treating coughs, colds, and flu. Completely natural, easy to prepare and very effective. Trust me: it’s delicious!

Mother’s life is not easy, children get sick again and again, we worry, look for medicine and recipes that will at least reduce the pain of the buds, if not cure, and that’s how the homemade guaco syrup with honey was born. in our lives. Since Natalya was born, I have been searching for home remedies for everyday problems using allopathy, homeopathy, nature and folk wisdom. The fact that I am getting results makes me more confident. During the last family flu, my co-worker recommended guaco tea to help with my little girl’s wheezing cough. As a child, I remember drinking a lot of guaco tea, a medicinal plant from Brazil used to treat respiratory ailments. I researched several prescriptions, made a batch, and ran to the compounding pharmacy. There, the waiter offered some traditional syrups, as well as homeopathic syrups, but I decided to go with the homemade guaco syrup with honey, even though it was more expensive than the ready-made syrup. But this account includes real honey, propolis, essential oils, I will use them for other purposes, and other syrups.

I chose guaco, which has the ability to soothe coughs and has a very pleasant taste and smell, so syrup and even tea are easily accepted by children. Eucalyptus, which I included in the previous preparation, helps to dry up the nose and secretions in general. Pay attention to the size, it has an attractive taste and smell, is easy to refuse and is not suitable for people with constipation. Garlic has excellent antibiotic and antifungal properties. Cloves and cinnamon are also microbial inhibitors that work in our bodies and help preserve syrups (yes, jams and jellies use these spices). I recently learned that ginger is great for sore throats and is highly valued in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine. Jaggery helps with sweetness and is an excellent source of iron. Lemon and orange peels have antiseptic and antibacterial properties and are used in traditional cold treatments. Traditionally, mixing honey with milk to make a syrup was the obvious choice. But in a recent comparative study through my pediatric pulmonologist, it was found to be the most effective cough suppressant, outperforming allopathic syrups. When I asked about cough, syrup, etc., he advised me to just give him a spoonful of honey, which would be better than buying any syrup. Of course I told them about my syrup and also about my carte blanche. My little girl’s case is more severe, so that doesn’t mean I can only keep the syrup with her, but it does help with the symptoms. It’s easy with the old one. He also likes the taste and wants to drink syrup when he coughs… Propolis is a natural antibiotic and is often used as a spray for sore throats, which also has a mild anesthetic effect. Propolis, sold in pharmacies under the name of propolis, is already diluted. For those who can buy honey directly from the producer, Royal Jelly Original is available. Be careful when using it, some people are allergic to propolis.

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If you do not have all the ingredients, be sure to prepare the syrup. Even if you only have guaco at home, making a tea can help soothe a cough.

WARNING 2: If the cough is persistent and lasts longer than two weeks, be sure to see a doctor!

Put guaco leaves (you can add a few eucalyptus leaves), garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, salt, orange and lemon peel in a pan, add 1 liter of water, cover the pan and keep it on medium heat. Boil for about 1 hour until 100 ml of liquid remains.

Como Fazer Xarope De Guaco

Wait for the cream to cool more. After cooling, add honey (always double the amount of tea), sweet orange essential oil and propolis. It is better to store in a glass container.

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Tip: Instead of honey, make caramel with 5 tablespoons of sugar and mix with pre-strained tea. Ah, the first syrup … Photo from the source of the post 🙂

Update September 2015: I modified the tea recipe because I tried it with a simpler method and it worked just as well. Here we are standing firm and strong on home remedies and homeopathy and I get more than positive feedback from people who have tried this syrup.

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