Christmas Party Games For Kids

Christmas Party Games For Kids – These Christmas games are perfect for any holiday party! EasyChristmas party games that you can play with things you can probably find around the house and everyone will love! There’s no need to play all 25, just pick a few of these Christmas games for kids and some Christmas games for adults and you’re ready for a festive holiday party!

As someone who has been hosting parties for years and comes up with new Christmas party games every year, I’m here to say that these fun Christmas games will make every holiday occasion even more fun.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

Christmas Party Games For Kids

Kids, teens and adults will all be hysterically playing and laughing at other people playing these games!

How To Plan A Christmas Party For Kids: Budget Friendly Ideas!

If you’re looking for something less active, these aren’t for you, but maybe this Christmas scavenger hunt or this Christmas kiss trivia game!

We’ve created 25 Christmas games for you to play, but you could easily pick just a handful! These work great for classroom parties (I should know – I was a room mom for years), family parties, and even office parties!

They are sure to make your next Christmas party one to remember! I know they have always been at our past Christmas parties!

All of these games are Minute to Win It style and there are different ways you can play them depending on how many people are playing. Don’t know what minute to win the game? Start the myminute games to win page, which is full of instructions, scoring ideas and more!

Fun Christmas Games For Adults And Kids

Or just pick a few games and don’t play Christmas Edition for a minute to win the games! Just use them as short games – perfect for Christmas station games for kids!

In this version, one player will try to beat the clock for each game. So for example, they have to try to complete the game in one minute to win it (hence the name). If they do, they win a prize.

In this style, you choose two players for each game who go against each other playing the game instead of trying to beat the clock.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

In this style, you’ll divide your group into two (or 3 or 10, depending on the number of guests) teams. For each match, teams must select one player from each team to compete head-to-head in a match against other teams.

Best Party Games For Adults And Kids

If any of these games seem too easy or too difficult for the group you’re playing with, feel free to make slight adjustments.

These festive games are perfect for playing before or after Christmas dinner, at parties during the holiday season, or anytime you’re just looking for some holiday fun! They are the best Christmas games I have tried and they are so much fun!

Eat an entire bowl of mini marshmallows and drink a cup of hot chocolate in one minute (or the race to be first) or within the allotted time.

Tie a piece of ribbon or string from one pole or chair to another. Players must stand on top of the chairs and throw a candy cane from the chair onto the ribbon and try to be the first to make it stay there.

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Play until the first player has a candy cane to hold onto the ribbon, or see who can get the most in a minute.

This is one of the hardest Christmas minute to win games for kids, but it’s one of my favorite games for adults because it’s actually a challenge.

Players should pass small toys or ornaments under their feet as if they were going to play soccer and a teammate should catch them in a small Christmas basket attached to the second player’s back.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

Teams compete to be the first to catch five or to see who can get the most in one minute. It’s great for the whole family – just pair older players with younger players!

The Best Christmas Party Games For The Whole Family

Players have one minute to try to throw the mini plastic gnomes into a line of buckets (one at 5 inches, one at 7 inches, and one at 10 feet).

The player must make the elves in each bucket in time to win. This is the perfect game when you want the kids to be able to play alone (like at class parties).

Decorate white ping pong balls to look like snowman faces. Fill an empty tissue box with snowmen ping pong balls and tape the tissue box to someone’s back (or use a Velcro strap on the box).

The player must shake all the snowmen from the tissue box before the time runs out. Or if you don’t want to decorate like a snowman, use ornaments.

Christmas Party Game Ideas For Family

If you’re looking for family Christmas activities that are also fun, it’s always a good time! Try it at your next holiday party, office party, or even for a little friendly competition at family Christmas night!

The player must pop 10 balloons using their winter glove hands before time runs out.

We did this at our Hulk Gloves Avenger party and it was absolutely hilarious! Definitely one of the most fun minutes to win Christmas games for adults!

Christmas Party Games For Kids

It may be more difficult for younger children, but it is a perfect game for a teen or adult party.

Best Christmas Party Games & Activities For Kids In 2022

The player must shake wrapped gifts filled with jingle bells, placing them in order of most jingle bells, to determine how many jingle bells each contains.

Place a bowl full of red and green candies, making sure you have an equal amount of each. Players must quickly go through the bowls of red and green candies and distribute the candies (one candy at a time) around the room in separate bowls labeled Naughty or Nice. Red candies go in the naughty bowl and green candies go in the nice bowl.

Players must wrap a teammate from head to toe in brown crepe paper and top it off with a reindeer headband to complete the challenge. If a player breaks the crepe paper, they can continue wrapping to cover them completely.

You can switch it up and use green streamers and wrap them like a Christmas tree, bonus points for decorating them later!

Incredibly Fun Kids’ Christmas Party Games

The player must throw white ping-pong balls into an empty fish bowl on the other side of the table, while other players throw cotton balls at the ping-pong balls which the player bounces, trying to knock them out. the way The player must throw the ping pong ball into the bowl to win.

Give each player a red pompom and a spoonful of Vaseline. Players must race to be the first to put a red pom pom on Rudolph’s nose (also put some Vaseline on his nose).

To play, players dip their noses into a spoonful of petroleum jelly, then stick a red vase pom pom to their noses. Once the red pompom is on the nose, they must go around the room and stick it on Rudolph’s nose.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

Before the party, hide mini Santa or Christmas figurines (at least one for each player) throughout the house.

Christmas Party Games For Your Holiday Gathering

To play, players must run around looking for a house to find a mini Santa Claus. It would be better to play as a team relay, find one player first and when they find it, tag the other finder.

Give each player an ornament and a gift box and stand behind a liner taped to the floor with painter’s tape. Tap another line in the room (best done in a large empty room or gym).

To play, players must move their gift box towards their jewel so that it can be rolled across the room and to the next line. Players cannot touch the jewel with the box, they can only use it to create wind to “blow” it.

Hang thin Christmas ribbon or garland from two chairs or posts, low enough to the ground that the players’ feet can reach it if they are sitting on the floor. Give each player a plastic mistletoe, two for children and three to five for teens and adults.

Minute To Win It Christmas Games For Adults And Kids

To play the game, players must run to catch the mistletoe using only their toes to be the first to hang it from the ribbon.

Pick up a handful of mini Christmas trees and line them up on the floor. Give each player a bucket full of plastic ornaments with hooks and have them stand on a line of painter’s tape 10 feet away from the mini trees.

Players race to be the first to cut down the tree, throwing ornaments down the line and trying to hang them on the tree. The first to get five ornaments on their tree wins.

Christmas Party Games For Kids

Before the party, put small stickers on the bottom of the Hershey kisses – mom/wife stickers and some Santa stickers. To play the game, place the Hershey Kisses on the grid (in line).

The Unlikely Homeschool: 10 Christmas Party Games For Kids

To play, players must select Hershey’s Kiss from the grid and look down. If they

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