Cheap Hotel Near O Hare Airport

Cheap Hotel Near O Hare Airport – During a recent trip, I had to stay overnight in Chicago. If you’re looking for the best convenience for early flights out of Chicago O’Hare, this is the hotel you want to stay at. I’ve been here before to visit friends on holidays, but this was my first time staying overnight. Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport

When it comes to comfort, there’s no better Chicago airport hotel than the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel. You don’t have to go outside the airport because there is a subway that takes you directly to the hotel. Follow the signs as you approach the baggage claim area for Hilton. Once you’re inside the hotel, follow the signs to the check-in area (take the escalator or elevator if you’re going through the subway).

Cheap Hotel Near O Hare Airport

Cheap Hotel Near O Hare Airport

The check-in desk was very long and the area was blocked off into two separate lines – one for Hilton HHonor elite members and one for regular guests. As a gold member, I went to the elite check-in line.

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While that line is usually set for a quick turnaround time and agents set a priority when seeing customers, this is not the case. I was the first in line, and a few others behind me. They only had one representative at the elite members counter and he was trying to help someone who didn’t speak English register. On the other side of the desk for regular visitors, that line is used by three agents who move quickly to customers. The problem is, they don’t see the elite line. I think it was a huge oversight on their part that I and a few others stood in the elite line for 15 minutes before switching to the regular line to wait. They were all gone before I could be called. I might have changed, but I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to call us forward.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see or use the fitness center. Because it closes at 10pm and opens at 5am. I got in just before they closed and had to leave for my flight before they opened. In fact, I am surprised that such a nice and professional hotel does not have 24 hour service. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there is only one floor below the lobby. Part of the walkway is for people going back and forth between the terminals. Those who want to practice on them should at least have something to stretch between flights. So I wasn’t too happy because I was looking forward to driving. From what I saw when I walked outside, it looked like a well-equipped gym with lots of machines.

As a Hilton Gold member, I can get free breakfast. Unfortunately, the restaurant didn’t open until 6, so didn’t get to see the breakfast spread. Although I understand that 6am is early, many flights leave between 5:30 – 6:45am, so I thought this airport hotel would open early to accommodate those people. Cars and airplanes.

I am not a foodie. Because of that, many of you may not understand what I eat. But if some of you are like me, here’s an option instead of paying more at a restaurant. Remember that you are on a plane with many food stations. I stopped at the subway on my way to the hotel to pick up a salad to take back to the room. You have takeout options at the hotel, so you can easily (or cheaply) take your food back to the room,  and get something to eat later.

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I booked a standard room and it was adequate. The roommate had two bottles of water in the room for me. There is a room and nice workshop with inputs including HDMI, composite and USB and a big screen TV. I see this happening from time to time in hotels that have HDMI inputs. I don’t carry an HDMI cable and I’m not sure most passengers would be fine with having an HDMI cable in the cabin. I know people can take it, but there might be a safer line on the table. It can’t be done, but overthinking. 🙂

The bed is firm with a variety of pillows. I don’t sleep well on hard mattresses so this is on the firm soft side and it’s very comfortable to sleep on.

As a person who likes to shower, I used the shower. The stay was comfortable and I was able to rest well.

Cheap Hotel Near O Hare Airport

There are several electrical outlets in the living area of ​​the room. Many near the main seat and end table and in the work center.

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The site has been upgraded (since I’m a gold member) and it’s slow. It wasn’t as fast as I’d hoped, since it’s a nice business hotel/airport, but it allowed me to get a little work done before returning. Disappointed in mom. I’m sure others have had different results as I’ve had different results at many hotels, but for this stay, I think it’s less speed than good. .

It keeps the airport noise out of the rooms. As the hotel is located right at the airport, which is one of the busiest airports in the country, sleeping can be a serious problem. However, their No Fly Zone works well. Didn’t hear any wind during the stay and slept well!

There was no ticket under my door so I stopped at the counter outside to check out on my way to the airport. Again, I had to wait – this time for 20 minutes. Yes, it was early morning (5am) but there was only one agent working there, two pilots were checking in and we were four people checking in. I waited to see the manager as there were no keys in the area.

The manager came to us and did not apologize for the wait. I wasn’t expecting anything more than what I was doing, so it was strange for him that he didn’t notice that we had been waiting for a while. I know I’ll apologize for the wait because I didn’t care to set it up.

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The room itself is $300 per night. In fact, a guy waiting behind me to check in said he paid about $400 for that one night. But I used numbers. It was a Tier 5, so he got 40,000 Hilton points, which is quite a bit, but I got a few more Hilton points that didn’t have Hilton’s Points & Cash option for that night. If available, that would be 17,500 points and $100 per night (but that number varies based on availability and price). It will be hard to get that reward for the next 6 months (unfortunately) so don’t rely on using the Points & Cash option).

I checked the budget for the hotel room when I booked and it was $359 (after tax) that night. I’m not going to spend that much money overnight for a hotel and an airport hotel, so going places is my only option. This made it possible to redeem my 40,000 Hilton points for less than a penny. It’s not a big deal, but if you need to be close to the airport to travel to or from Chicago O’Hare, you can’t find a better hotel than the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Hotel. It was 3 minutes from the time I left the check-in desk to the time I got to security for my flight. That actually makes sense!

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Cheap Hotel Near O Hare Airport

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