Capa Do Disco Espiral De Ilusão

Capa Do Disco Espiral De Ilusão – Samba has always been part of Criolo’s work. From his self-proclaimed musical education, to the classics of Brazilian popular music, to flirting with Liña de Frente, who is part of the cast.

(2011), it is not new for São Paulo artists to move away from the rhythms and beats of hip-hop, until reaching the metaphorical and political poems of his Fermento Pra Masa, part of Convoque Seu Buda (2014). is not. Embrace the realm that seduces you. Although it presents an exploration of new possibilities, sounds and characters, Espiral de Idições (2017, Oloko Records) is a more samba-oriented work.

Capa Do Disco Espiral De Ilusão

Capa Do Disco Espiral De Ilusão

His artwork for the album cover was designed by graphic designer and illustrator Chico Buarque (

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), through arrangements that are the result of the collaboration of brothers Marcelo Cabral and Daniel Ganjama, Criollo goes beyond simple ‘paying respect’. the work.

The concept is quickly strengthened with the opening, where a samba beat and cavaquinho playing lead the listener to a delicious affair.

, in his poems, Criollo is constantly playing with the construction of colorful and modern scenarios.

The pursuit of new sounds and urban themes has never hindered the rapper/singer’s political poetry since his debut his studio album.

Ceumar Expande Território Na Curva Globalizada Do álbum ‘espiral’

This social gap needs attention / It takes attention, strength and faith, my master said it / A spoiled child cannot run a nation

He openly provokes and sings against a government ruled by a population with little (or no) political representation, such as the new mayor of São Paulo, João Doria, or the current president of the republic, Michel Temer. increase.

Boca Fofa Repeated Adjectives in Problems / I don’t know how to talk to my brother if I’m not mistaken

Capa Do Disco Espiral De Ilusão

From the real game / Cops and robbers / Get out of the zone and grab the ball / It’s decision time

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A smile sewn into a cheeky situation / I pecked a lemon and drank my lemon / Now I’m taking a shower, I beg your pardon

Significantly expanding the repertoire of artists from São Paulo. As curious as you are, you’ll be amazed when you check out other examples of rappers participating in the samba.

Journalist, music producer and member of the podcast Vamos Falar Sobre Música. He has worked on various publications with Editora Abril, is the culture and entertainment editor of the Huffington Post Brasil, has worked with Folha de S. Paulo, and has worked with brands such as Itaú and QuintoAndar. I have worked as a copywriter. In his spare time, Pudim’s father enjoys “playing as a DJ” and buying his vinyl records as gifts. Criollo descends to the samba in “Espiral de Idições” and retains the influence of rap in flexible rhymes and themes (a chronicle of the daily life of a chief).Like Cria de Favela: On my window sill / (. ..)

Musician his Criolo has released his 10-track album Espiral de Ilusion. The disc can be downloaded for free from – Photo Karolin Bittencourt Nørgaard / Open

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His fourth album recorded at the studio Espiral de Ilhão da Criolo samba. This article can be downloaded from You can also download the magazine app for free.

This production is the result of a partnership between Codex Uqbar Agency and Oloko Records. It’s full of references to the making of the record, including how samba influenced his life, the artists who influenced him, and more. You can follow the lyrics and even read the sheet music. The illustrations for the magazine and the cover of his Espiral de Ilhão are signed by the artist Elifas Andreato.

Criollo has fulfilled an old dream of his, and this record goes deep into the samba vocabulary. There is Samba de his brek, there are influences from Grajau Samba his circle (Pagodeda 27) and there is Gafieira. There are marandros, there are those who suffer for love, there is the influence of African culture, his father’s writings and his mother’s songs. The musician puts together his 10 new songs (8). Filha do Maneco have signed Ricardo Rabelo and Jefferson Santiago. Hora also wrote a decision letter, the only non-participation decision for Rabello and Dito Silva. Executive producers Marcelo Cabral and Daniel Ganjaman.

Capa Do Disco Espiral De Ilusão

Rap’s influence is in its flexible rhymes and subject matter – like Cria de Favela, chronicling the daily life of his boss:/Hurry’. Menino Mimad’s poetry still finds social criticism. A broken boy cannot rule a country. “

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Espiral da Ilusion is an album by a Brazilian who loves and respects good old samba.

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Criolo Divulga A Capa Do Seu Novo Disco

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If you disable this option, you will not be able to save your settings. This means that you will have to enable or disable cookies again each time you visit this website. A few days after the release of Menino’s Mimad, rapper Criollo returns with his new album of originals. it’s a horse

(2017), 10 singles and distribution under his Oloko Records label. An album by an artist from São Paulo, dedicated to samba, a genre I’ve been looking for for a long time.

Capa Do Disco Espiral De Ilusão

Cover art produced by graphic designer and artist Eliphas Andreato, who has worked with Chico Buark, Elis Regina, Paulinho da Viola and more, builds on the structure of the debate on racism, politics and, of course, instability. increase. Relationships are the driving force behind the album’s title. Produced by Criollo’s longtime collaborators Marcelo Cabral and Daniel Ganjaman, the album is available for free download from the artist’s website.

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Journalist, music producer and member of the podcast Vamos Falar Sobre Música. He has worked on various publications with Editora Abril, is editor of culture and entertainment for the Huffington Post Brasil, has worked with Folha de S. Paulo, and has worked with brands such as Itaú and QuintoAndar. I have worked as a copywriter. Pudim’s father is a DJ in his spare time and loves to receive his vinyl records as gifts.

Espiral de Ilho opener LáVem Você clarifies what Criollo has to offer in the first lines of his new album. The rapper from São Paulo unleashes fearless samba on his fourth album (and it doesn’t last long). Yes, the most Brazilian of all genres. There are samba de roda, samba canson and samba de breque. Criollo’s sharp and unique poetry, full of surrealism (here, less than in his previous works) and lyricism and humor (as usual).

Produced by Daniel Ganjaman and Marcelo Cabral, the album contains 10 songs. His eight of them were compiled by his Criolo with Ricardo Rabelo and Jefferson Santiago, and also include his Rabelo and Dito Silva’s translation of Hora de Carar. The album He released physical and digital on Friday 28th April. In the store, on the street, by ear – and very good!

While walking the samba, Criollo exchanges violent arguments and agreements at the same time. The argument is not to please a part of the audience to music in a package sent by rap. A letter of intent is like a stick on your desk. You have a lot to say and you can use the perfect music platform to get your ideas across. inside the boy

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