Brincadeira Rabo Do Burro

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Besides being a sure guarantee of lots of fun and a good laugh, this game develops children’s spatial perception, builds mental images and works on right/left, front/back, diagonal, up/down and close-up presentations Is. / away body plan.

Brincadeira Rabo Do Burro

Brincadeira Rabo Do Burro

In this way, the child organizes the body-space relation, operationalizes it and arrives at an oriented object that serves as a standard for placing other objects placed in the space around it. This is because the body is the first place that the child knows and recognises. And the exploration of outer space is mainly done with their own body.

Painel Acerte O Rabo Do Burro Em Feltro

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Felt (easy to store and can be used multiple times), acrylic blanket, has velcro on target and is hand sewn.

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