Blockly Games

Blockly Games – Aims and Objectives The aim is to learn some simple but fundamental programming concepts using online tools and activities to practice solving problems by writing code in an environment called Blockly. What is Blockly?

Blockly is a website where you can learn basic programming concepts by playing games, solving puzzles and being creative. On the left is a screenshot of the Blockly Maze game. In this example, an orange person stands in a green circle, and the goal of the game is to get to the red circle with the black dot in the middle. Drag commands to create a program. The commands for this level are move forward, turn left, and turn right. Advancing twice will solve this simple maze and allow you to advance to the next level.

Blockly Games

Blockly Games

You will notice that Blockly has many different types of games as you can see in the screenshot below.

Google 玩遊戲學程式中文化線上課程blockly Games

We hope you’ll try some of the other puzzles if you want, but this task only requires the maze.

You submit your work and also fill out the online README form. For this assignment only, your work will be returned using Sakai. More specifically: Blockly Games is a series of games created by Google. It aims to teach coding to kids who are unfamiliar with the subject. It is completely free and accessible through any web browser. It can also be downloaded for offline use.

Blockly Games are perfect for kids with no prior coding knowledge. It offers a variety of activities that allow them to learn the basics of programming at their own pace.

Plus, it’s completely free. No need to spend money. Blockly Games is available in any browser or can be downloaded for offline use.

Blockly Games And It’s Benefit For Coding

We love the Blockly Games series because its graphics are simple and easy to use, for both kids and adults. Plus, it’s multilingual and anyone can use it.

In addition, the program also enables the children to develop a strong sense of independence. In fact, they will be able to learn to work independently without your help.

We also recommend it to parents who do not have basic coding knowledge and want to learn.

Blockly Games

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