Bimestre Tem Quantos Meses

Bimestre Tem Quantos Meses – Learn the difference between bimonthly and bimonthly when using the terms. Portuguese language experts teach when and how best to use words

The Portuguese language is always full of its “tricks and quirks” and in our daily life, we often make some slips in the use of words. Portuguese linguist Claudio Moreno, today for one of our readers (and once and for all!), explains the difference between bimonthly and bimonthly and the exact meaning of each term.

Bimestre Tem Quantos Meses

Bimestre Tem Quantos Meses

“Dear Professor: To refer to something that occurs twice a month, is this the right term: bimonthly or bimonthly? Dictionaries, Brazilian and Portuguese, leave us in doubt. Grammar too. In Dictionary of Portuguese Language Difficulties, Domingos Pachol Segal says they are adjectives not to be confused, by Napoléon Mendes de Almeida. In his dictionary Vernacular Questions says that synonyms. For that he finds a Latin origin and cites Alette and Candido de Figueredo. Not to mention the philologist Carlos Gois, the great masters Carlos Late, Rocha Lima, Ivanir Bechara and others I ask: How are we?

Me Ajude Gemteb)quais Meses Formam O:1)quimto Bimestre Do Ano?2)segumdo Trimestre Do

My dear Aruda: Undoubtedly both come from the same source. Both are prefixed by- and both are derived from month. However, the end product is completely different. Bimester refers to the series of quarter, quadrimester, etc. – two, three, four months; Bimonthly means something that happens every two months. Monthly This happens every month; Bimonthly, which occurs twice a month – is synonymous with fortnightly.

Old Napoleon Mendes de Almeida, sometimes very clever, sometimes not so much, here mixes opinion with etymology. He resorts to Latin and English, telling us that bimonthly and bimonthly come from the same root – by which time Neves had died. Therefore – adds the author of the Dictionary of Vernacular Questions – the two words mean the same thing. This is typical non-sequitur logic (the conclusion is not supported by the antecedents), because it hides the absurd assumption that the word is as immovable as a black stone. If one day they were synonymous, then language did what it always does in this situation: it tried to distribute the two semantic nuances between them. It is notable that our venerable Aulete, a dictionary of the Belle Epoque, gave bimonthly the same meaning as we give bimonthly today, but Aurélio XXI, released in 2000, on the eve of the millennium, already made a clear distinction between the two. . Today, anyone who buys something with a bimonthly adjustment, assuming we’re doing a bimonthly adjustment, will forever learn the difference. I agree with Napoleon, however, when he says that he prefers a fortnight: it is a word which means the same to all.

They are the same word, but with different meanings: BIMMONTHLY Anything that happens twice a month. BIMESTRAL Everything happens every two months.

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