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Bdi O Que é – Understand the importance of accounting for indirect costs of jobs and learn how to calculate BDI (Benefits and Indirect Costs) to more accurately estimate the cost of your projects

Pricing is always a challenge. In the construction market, in addition to questions related to market differences, it is important to include costs that are not very clear in this account, but which affect the project budget.

Bdi O Que é

Bdi O Que é

Hence the importance of calculating the BDI of your works taking into account the indirect costs associated with the construction…

Cálculo Do Bdi: Como Definir O Preço Real De Uma Obra?

The abbreviation BDI stands for Budget Difference Income (or, loosely translated, indirect benefits and costs). This calculation is intended to help create an adequate selling price for the property, taking into account all associated costs.

The BDI index takes into account not only direct costs, but also indirect labor costs.

This concept is directly used in the pricing of construction or contracting works – be it public (tenders, tenders) or private. This is due to the fact that the pricing of the development business (residential units) requires taking into account variables that are not necessarily directly related to construction. This applies, for example, to the following variables:

These are costs related to services and materials that are directly used in this service. That is, they are related to a certain area or task and can be identified in construction projects.

Da Teoria à Prática No Cálculo Do Bdi By Editora Blucher

Thus, all inputs that are part of the unit cost structure budget for a service that come directly from projects can be considered direct costs.

These are those that arise from the structure of work and are not directly related to the performance of this service. However, even if the final product does not include these costs, they contribute to the formation of the total cost.

Example: The cost of a concrete block is a direct cost because it is directly related to the cost of masonry. On the other hand, the cost of a resident engineer is an indirect cost. After all, this professional manages all labor activities – that is, he does not directly participate in the construction, but is necessary for it to take place.

Bdi O Que é

First of all, it is important to understand that each job, each project has its own characteristics and requirements. Hence, the BDI calculation is dynamic and therefore changes depending on the type of work and the size of the company.

O Que é Bdi? Entrevista Com Professor Mozart

It is important to use this method to achieve a fair and stable selling price – for the company and for the customers.

In practice, there are several ways to calculate BDI. The Brazilian Institute of Cost Calculation (IBEC) presents the formula below (which is also accepted worldwide):

A more simplified way of presenting this formula is: BDI = (( A / B ) – 1 ) x 100

➔ That is, to calculate the BDI of your works, it is important to know the values ​​corresponding to each of these elements. Again, it is important to emphasize that these values ​​vary depending on the type of work and the size of the construction company.

Como Conferir Orçamento

To get an adequate price for your project, you need to calculate the BDI index along with direct labor costs. Therefore, selling price = direct costs x (1 + BDI/100)

As you can see, the BDI calculation helps determine a fair and adequate final sale price, taking into account all costs associated with the project. However, since it is based on job cost information, it is important to understand that a strategic cost analysis is essential to achieve a competitive price.

It often happens that the work budget itself is ineffective, does not provide accurate and up-to-date information and, even worse, leaves much to be desired in terms of better use of materials and space.

Bdi O Que é

→ The budget and the quantitative study are compiled in a spreadsheet that represents only the unit cost of each item and the total cost of services. In other words, we have absolute value, but little is known about where and how each resource is used, and above all, how each resource or each workspace can be optimized.

Bdi Na ConstruÇÃo Civil: O Que É E Como AplicÁ Lo

Therefore, even if you calculate the BDI, this calculation will be based on inaccurate information that does not honestly reflect the full potential of the work in terms of better use of capital and resources.

BA is a tool that uses data analysis to identify relevant and specific strategic information to improve construction budget performance.

With our method, you can determine how much each square meter of work costs by determining the cost of the costs involved in pricing each centimeter of the project. This, in turn, allows the manager to develop alternative plans to make the project more efficient and profitable.

That is, we stop looking at macro, global and general information, and begin to understand strategic and specific information about the project in more detail and accuracy.

ComposiÇÃo De Bdi

After all, it is not enough to know only the price of goods and suppliers, it is important to understand how these values ​​lead to certain business costs. This way your company will stop negotiating based on price and start negotiating based on real information related to the project.) is an index for analyzing the value of benefits and indirect costs. It is important that indirect costs (not related to materials, wages, utilities, etc.) are taken into account when drawing up the budget.

BDI is a relative indicator, each job or service must have its own BDI, because the terms of calculation and the selling price are specific in each case.

Initially, BDI is a concept used only in construction work and task budgets, but it can be adapted to other types of projects if interested.

Bdi O Que é

BDI in civil construction is very important when it comes to bidding. In order to better understand what role the subcontractor and subcontractor index plays, it is important to know Resolution No. 7983 dated 04/08/2013.

Aprenda Como Fazer O Cálculo Do Bdi

Therefore, after calculating the direct cost of the project, the multiplier of the cost of the project as a whole is used.

BDI is an important index to account for project indirect costs, which is important for the pricing of civil engineering projects and may be of interest for other types of projects, depending on the specific case.

It is important to note that many project management practices do not use BDI, as you can see here.

Anderson Ferreira is a Mechanical Engineer from PUC Minas, MBA in Project Management from USP, PMP certified by Project Management Institute, Master of Engineering from UFMG and PMO-CP certified by PMO Global Alliance. Anderson loves project management and development and believes that by combining these two skills we can build a better Brazil.

O Que é Bdi Em Obras: O Guia Definitivo Para Calcular

Determining the project deadline is a very important activity with a limited and important resource for BDI, it can be a big competitive advantage or a big budget disaster, it all depends on knowing how to avoid mistakes. Find out how.

Such a calculation allows you to systematize all the costs associated with the execution of the work and the work of the construction company, in order to correctly determine the price and make an effective budget that guarantees business profit.

However, even a useful tool like BDI can become a serious problem if not used properly.

Bdi O Que é

There are some calculation errors that, instead of benefiting the work, cause losses and difficulties for the construction company.

Bdi (benefícios E Despesas Indiretas): O Que é E Como Calcular Na Obra?

Learn about 7 mistakes you can make when calculating BDI and learn how to further optimize the use of this tool for construction budgets.

The BDI calculation, to be effective in budgeting, must consider direct and indirect costs, not just project contributions. The danger of forgetting these costs is real, especially since they seem so obvious.

While this is easy to fix, it’s the worst mistake you can make, so always be careful when planning and budgeting.

A good solution is a ready-made and constantly updated list, a simple Excel spreadsheet is enough, especially since these are costs that do not change when calculating from one project to another.

Como Usar O Bdi Na Elaboração De Um Orçamento?

It is very important to monitor every detail of the input materials that must be purchased for the job, to ensure that there are no duplicates and that the work hours are counted correctly.

The price of the work for the client must take into account every element that is used to organize the project. This includes hired labor, not just materials. However, this is not a simple price entry, it requires attention.

Also, talk to service providers to find out how much they charge for each step of the job.

Bdi O Que é

Remember that the price of a construction company is a combination of material costs, labor costs and profit margins.

Melhores Práticas De Bdi Para A Construção Civil

Accidents and unexpected events occur in civil construction, even if the construction company takes all necessary measures to identify and prevent risks.

An accident on the construction site or a rainy day can cause delays, even if the construction company takes steps to avoid the impact of the project.

Please note that there may be delays

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