As Coisas Que O Mundo Oferecia

As Coisas Que O Mundo Oferecia – A young man spoke to an old man, and the subject was wealth. And the old man asked the young man, “When will a man be rich?” “When you get a million dollars,” replied the young man.

The old man said, “No”. “Two million?” “No”. “Million?” “No”. “A hundred million?” The young man thought that money would solve that problem. But the old man insisted:

As Coisas Que O Mundo Oferecia

As Coisas Que O Mundo Oferecia

“No”. When the young man stopped, he asked the old man to tell him what it cost a man to become rich. The old man replied: “If he is older than that, that is, no.”

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5 Some people are very curious and never feel that they have enough of the things of this world. They always want others, so they are not happy. People who have Jesus in their hearts, even if they don’t have much, they believe that they have enough and therefore they will be happy and content.

The world offers many things to the thoughtless. These, deluded, go down paths that are supposed to be happy. But it will not come, it will never come.

Each goal achieved is something else. And the bigger their goals, the more goals to achieve. They will never be satisfied and will never be satisfied.

8 God’s riches can be seen when we have little and when we have much. No matter the size, the Lord’s presence makes us happy. If I have a little, I know God will bless me and that little is enough to make my heart happy.

Sermão “filho, Volte Para Casa Para Um Novo Começo” (28 De Novembro

9 If I have much, I will be blessed and I know that I can share my blessings with many people.

10 I know that salvation is my greatest gift, and I can share my experience with many people without losing this great gift.

Don’t aim for random things. You will always prosper when you are satisfied with what God gives you. (author unknown)

As Coisas Que O Mundo Oferecia

12 One thing I have learned in my life is that suffering is not the worst thing. Disobedience to God is the worst. Regards, Fernanda Torres/2011

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13 Now, if their wickedness becomes the treasure of the world, and their reproach becomes the treasure of the Gentiles, it is greater than their exaltation. Romans 11:12

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A mentality called “dualism” is still deeply rooted in the Christian world today. It originated in the Aristotelian worldview, passed on to the Gnostics, and spread through the pre-Reformation Middle Ages. In general, seeing the world as “sacred × profane”, where everything that is not from the Christian world is automatically violated, and everything that is “translated” (non-Christians) is thrown into a basket (or similar. bag). This applies to all cultures, especially music and other specialized fields. They use texts like this one from 1Jo to support their ideas. The main problem with this is that it comes from a bad compression of these texts and a neglect of what we call “grace”. Grace is what God gives to all people – unlike special grace, which is for salvation, which is given only to those whom God has chosen for salvation – because – very bad, perverse, not good – people are good things. Can show the truth of God and the beauty that comes from Him. This is based on the fact that

(TB 1:17), James well said that we can receive only what is given to us from above (John 3:27), John the Baptist said. The good things that come out of man are the work of God alone, and are of no use to man. So we see unbelievers doing good and enjoying the good things done by heathens. The apostle Paul himself did not object to the use of words coined by non-Christian philosophers, in their preaching (Acts 17:28), or in their teaching Christians and false teachers concerning Christian doctrines (Co1 15:33; Titus 1:12). . ). . Even apocryphal writings (these are books that are not included in the canon of the Bible, not inspired by the Holy Spirit) come with quotations such as Jude’s quotation from the book of Enoch (Jd v : 14 and 15; for this text, I recommend this. Video by Dois Theology Fingers :

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). Then we know that whatever happened in the world is not a sin. But come on, what about 1Jo 2:15 and others, such as James (James 4:4), whose words are quoted here? We need to understand, it is simple, that they are not speaking against things that are not Christian, but things that are anti-Christian. We see this in the same text sequence, where John reveals what he knows about the world:

“For only the world allows us a great desire for bodily pleasures, a great desire for everything we see, and pride in our achievements and our possessions. This is not the Father, but the world.” 1 John 2:16 NLT

Here he praises the sins of touch, vision and pride. In other words, for John and the New Testament in general, what came from the world and what we reject as sin. What God says is sin in His law, condemned by His prophets, revealed by His Son, and taught by His apostles. This is what James refers to when he says that we commit adultery by befriending God and denying ourselves in James 4:4.

As Coisas Que O Mundo Oferecia

When we overcome these points of doubt and we know that God owns everything and everything is good, beautiful and true from Him, then we have to wait and see what happens. What is useful in the world and what is sin. , so we rejected it.

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Note¹: John practiced a type of Gnosticism—I referred to the Gnostics at the beginning of this article—that reached the level of dualism that considered the physical world to be sinful and impure, but the most holy thing was the spiritual world and things related to it. That (this time it seems, it’s no coincidence). This went so far as to deny the introduction of Christ in man, because God, who is holy, cannot be a thing, which is sin. John spends most of the letter defending the incarnation of Jesus.

Note²: Yes, things are sacred, but it is our duty to “sanctify” things that are not impure/sinful in themselves, to take the divine into such things. After all, Christ came to redeem all things more than two thousand years ago (Col 1:20)!… This true and deep desire arose from the heart of our Lord, we want to bring it to you. … today! …

We wish you the great joy of being with our loving Father who… for so many years dreamed of creating you, loved you and woven your life into His infinite love and tenderness.

The sweet presence that inspires and encourages us; The joy of God’s Spirit that comes upon us, like a mighty stream of living water, flows with blessings.

Deixa Clarear By Zeca Pagodinho (cd, Mar 2002, Universal/polygram)

But we know that if you choose the joy that Jesus gave us, everything will be easy, my brother, my sister…

“The joy of Jehovah is our strength”! The media often tries to push us into thinking that happiness lies in the many things the world has to offer…

There are many things in life, yes, but they all pass and, with them, happiness… it’s short… it’s too short! However, there is a joy that is with us in our lives, that will never disappear, that will never be extinguished. When we receive it, we hear Jesus say…

As Coisas Que O Mundo Oferecia

9 Dear Father, we want to ask for the gift of happiness. This wonderful gift will be the legacy that Jesus left for our lives. We want to follow and bring happiness to all those who do not know, for many reasons, are still looking for you far from you.

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Give us the grace to live with our hearts filled with your love, so that we may be strong in faith and patience. And so, despite the hard times, we can live in joy that Jesus left us Amen!…

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