Arquétipo Cleópatra é Beija Flor

Arquétipo Cleópatra é Beija Flor – If you are tuned into social media, especially TikTok, you will surely come across a woman talking about activating and using the Cleopatra archetype, which promises to change your life in a matter of days. Archetypes have been used for years as a form of the Law of Attraction. But in the end, what is and how to use this archetype? Understand about the topic that is going viral.

The first step is to understand what archetypes are and why they are used and activated. An archetype is a way of classifying the psychology and behavior of a particular group. We can find these characteristics in common in many human beings, as if they were one character.

Arquétipo Cleópatra é Beija Flor

Arquétipo Cleópatra é Beija Flor

For example, a man with supernatural powers and a kind person who helps society are constructed as a hero, i.e. an archetype. It is a way of connecting the past and the present, considering human behavior.

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This classification came from the psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung, who classified 12 types of archetypes that can be found in people.

Sage: He is a free thinker. Your intelligence and knowledge are your reason for living, your essence. He tries to understand the world and his being by using his intelligence and analytical skills. They always have a fact, quote or logical argument on their tongue.

Innocent: Looks like he’s read and absorbed every self-help book in the world. They are optimistic and always looking for happiness. The innocent see everything as good. They want to feel well adapted to the world around them. Even innocent people want to please others and feel for them.

Explorer: He is an intrepid traveler. They start without a clear path and are always open to novelty and adventure. An explorer likes to discover new places and new things about himself. The downside of the explorer archetype is that they are constantly striving for perfection and are never satisfied.

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Ruler: He is a classic leader. They believe that they should be responsible for putting order in any situation. Authority is stable, it seeks perfection and wants everyone to follow its example. Everyone has many reasons to listen. This is one of the 12 Jungian archetypes associated with power. A ruler trying to impose his will on others can easily become a tyrant.

Creator: He has a deep desire for freedom, because he loves novelty. They like to turn things upside down to create something completely new. The creator is intelligent, non-conformist and self-sufficient. They are creative and funny. However, they can be inconsistent and spend more time thinking than actually doing.

Carer: Feels stronger than other people. As a result, they offer maternal protection to those around them. They want to protect people from danger and try to avoid any risk or danger that threatens the happiness of other people. In extreme cases, the caretaker becomes a martyr, constantly reminding everyone of their sacrifices.

Arquétipo Cleópatra é Beija Flor

Magician: He is like a great revolutionary. They recreate and innovate not only for themselves, but also for others. They are constantly growing and changing. The downside of the magician archetype is that his humor can be contagious. Sometimes it turns positive events into negative ones.

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Hero: The core of the hero’s life is strength. Heroes have unusual vitality and endurance, which they use to fight for power or honor. They will do anything not to lose. They really don’t lose because they never give up. The hero can be ambitious and controlling.

Sedition: It is illegal. They annoy people and don’t care what other people think. This allows them to go against the grain and think for themselves. They don’t like to be pressured or influenced. The downside of the rebel archetype is that they can become self-destructive.

Lover: It’s all heart and feeling. They love and love to give to other people. Your greatest happiness is feeling loved. They like everything that pleases the senses. They value beauty (in every sense of the word) above all else.

Jester: The jester likes to laugh, even at himself. They don’t wear masks and tend to tear down other people’s walls. They never take themselves seriously because their goal is to enjoy life. The downside of a buffoon is that he can be lecherous, lazy and greedy.

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Orphan: The orphan archetype walks around with open wounds. They feel betrayed and disappointed. Other people want to take control of their lives. When no one does, they are disappointed. They tend to spend more time with people they feel good about. Orphans are often victims. They pretend to be innocent. The orphan has a cynical side and a knack for manipulation.

She is the most famous Egyptian queen in history and the last of the Ptolemaic dynasty. Born in Alexandria, he inherited the throne at the age of 17 after his father’s death. Although she did not have a pleasing physical appearance, Cleopatra got everything she wanted and attracted many men of her time. His intelligence was enviable, he ruled with great precision and he spoke five languages, Aramaic, Persian, Somali, Ethiopian, Egyptian and Arabic.

Although she lacked the standard physical features of the time and was considered a woman without beauty, Cleopatra was incredibly attractive and confident. Power radiating far from his throne, commanding with confidence and following himself were not part of his vocabulary.

Arquétipo Cleópatra é Beija Flor

The Cleopatra archetype can attract many benefits into your life, you can use it to attract one or more things into your life. Read on for some of the benefits of activating the most powerful Egyptian queen archetype.

O Que é E Como Usar O Arquétipo Da Cleópatra

Although she had no enviable beauty, she could conquer anyone she wanted and her power to seduce was undeniable. When he said something, everyone stopped and listened. The game of seduction was one of the main weapons used by the Queen to get what she wanted and ally herself with the most powerful men in history.

A confident woman gets what she wants because she doesn’t give up and believes in her abilities. The queen had enough self-sufficiency, she believed in herself, which made her all the more attractive for her security. Because of this, his personal magnetism was undeniable, everyone stopped to watch him speak or pass by.

In addition to her great power of seduction, Cleopatra was able to attract the relationship she desired. Therefore, activating her archetype is a good option for women looking for a relationship. Using her confidence and charm, the Egyptian queen conquered Julius Caesar, one of the most important men of mankind.

Cleopatra spared no expense when it came to enjoying her wealth, using jewelry and luxurious clothing with lots of gold. He also ruled with intelligence and accumulated more wealth. If you need to attract prosperity and money into your life, the archetype is for you.

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His rule was based on strategies and he managed to stay in power for many years with many plans. This benefit will help you focus and plan to achieve what you want, how you got a new job, come up with a study strategy, and more.

The first step in using it and activating it is to choose what you want to attract into your life, using the Cleopatra archetype. Once selected, you can activate it by:

2- Display: put Cleopatra images on your mobile phone wallpaper, computer or print the picture by placing it where you keep looking;

Arquétipo Cleópatra é Beija Flor

Once you learn how to use it, enjoy the benefits of the Cleopatra archetype wisely and beware of overdoing it. Because overconfidence and seduction can be harmful, act wisely and be clear about what you want.

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Cleopatra Archetype – The archetype of seduction and power. The quantum mystery. Available at: . Consultation: October 19, 2021.

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Arquétipo Cleópatra é Beija Flor

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