Army Of Thieves

Army Of Thieves – Zombie apocalypse comedy Army of the Dead is getting a prequel! Find out here what is known about the premiere date of “Army of Thieves” on Netflix.

Amazing zombie action ahead! In “Army of the Dead” Matthias Schweighöfer surprised the world audience as Ludwig Dieter. The horror film premieres in the United States on May 14, 2021. On Twitter, among other things, viewers praise Schweighöfer for the green clover. Now follow the prequel, that is the story of the film. The German-international cast has conquered all of Europe.

Army Of Thieves

Army Of Thieves

In “Army of the Dead”, a team of experts set out to extort $200 million from a warehouse in Las Vegas that is infested with zombies. Schweighöfer presents the sacrificial Ludwig Dieter, which straddles the line between amusement and offense. That’s what “Army of Thieves” is all about. The story line mostly revolves around Dieter’s insanely accented German accent. A mysterious woman teams up with a small-town banker to embark on an epic adventure. You are tasked with cracking several safes scattered across Europe. Was the project successful? Either way, Interpol is hot on their heels.

Army Of Thieves At Netflix: Snyder Prequel Teases Hans Zimmer Score

Also in director Zack Snyder’s prequel “Army of the Dead” are Matthias Schweighöfer (“White Father”), British actress Nathalie Emmanuel (played Missandei in “Game of Thrones”), Scotsman Stuart Martin (“Jamestown”). German actress Ruby O’Fee (“Midwife’s Secret”), who is in a relationship with Schweighöfer and Englishman Guz Khan (TV show “Man Like Mobeen”). Incidentally, Matthias Schweighöfer himself directs “Army of Thieves”, Zack Snyder is among the producers and creators of the concept. Who doesn’t know Zack Snyder: The American director, screenwriter and producer is responsible for films as diverse as “Justice League”, “Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice” and “Man of Steel”. And by the way: He has eight children. “Army of Thieves” will premiere worldwide on Netflix in the fall of 2021. Matthias Schweighöfer has received international acclaim for his performance as a security guard in the zombie apocalypse film “Army of the Dead.” But does his character Ludwig Dieter really need a standalone film?

In the highly competitive world of entertainment and broadcasting, exclusivity is the need of the hour. Anyone who manages to create a franchise can sit back and count the payments in euros or dollars. Disney did it. With fan favorites like Star Wars and Marvel in the lineup, revenue is guaranteed for years. I throw movies and series in an endless loop. Like cat litter, they are symbolically thrown before the eyes of the followers. Development is secondary. Canon is irrelevant. When the ruble rotates, the focus shifts slightly. After that, viewers should consume and not question the creators. Even whispers are not welcome.

Every Friday, Ronny Rüsch presents Oscars & Raspberry, an nTV documentary about broadcasting. At this time, in addition to detailed information about “Army of Thieves”: AppleTV series “Ted Lasso”, German drama “Die Lost Time” and horror movie with Rebecca Hall. “Oscars & Raspberries” – Description. Fun. Small On the nTV app, on Audio Now, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Speaking of annoying: The Germans are world champions. At least that is what is claimed, especially when the films of Matthias Schweighöfer or Til Schweiger are criticized without satisfaction. Americans are more relaxed in this regard. This is one reason why German filmmakers are constantly drawn to the pond. A recent example: “Army of Thieves” by and with Matthias Schweighöfer, which is only available on Netflix.

Army Of Thieves Star Teases Army Of The Dead Zombie World Fate

As a German-American production, the heist film is presented in the style of Ocean’s Eleven. The Thief movie is certainly part of a new franchise. While director Zack Snyder had fun a few months ago with the zombie apocalypse “Army of the Dead”, the viewer has now received the long-awaited news about the role played by Schweighöfer – and it has already been revealed as a custom role in the respective channels of the film. – in the form of a prequel -Safecracker serves Ludwig Dieter.

Every studio head is interested in using the franchise. Now that’s an issue that “Star Wars” creator George Lucas certainly didn’t deal with when he started his opera in 1977. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with such a development, especially not when a movie or a series of events world that are born on their own. However, in the case of “Army of Thieves”, this effort is remarkable. In the world created by Snyder and Schweighöfer, every nook and cranny has been elevated. Nothing is right here, nothing makes sense. The character of the security guard Ludwig Dieter is not interesting – and he would not need a separate film for him.

Sometimes a movie or series is bad and unnecessary. That doesn’t make it any less successful. “Army of Thieves” has already found its audience and given Netflix a ratings hit. And even if Schweighöfer’s character is destroyed in a nuclear explosion at the end of “Army of the Dead,” there will definitely be a place for him in the announced announcement. Who takes care of the logistics when you own a franchise?

Army Of Thieves

The full Army of Thieves review by Ronny Rüsch and Axel Max – now on the new nTV podcast “Oscars & Raspberry”. Also included: the AppleTV series “Ted Lasso,” the German comedy film “Die Lost Time,” and a horror film starring Rebecca Hall.

Army Of Thieves Movie Releases Key Art

“Oscars & Raspberry” – nTV podcast – where everything is about streaming services like RTL +, Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co. every friday. With “Army of Thieves” the streaming service has been able to register another great success. The movie even easily knocked off The Squid Game in the Netflix Top 10.

Army of Thieves has been available on Netflix* for less than a week and is already breaking records. The film, starring Matthias Schweighöfer, was included in the streaming giant’s schedule on October 29. Just five days later, “Army of Thieves” became #1 in over 90 countries. This even pushed the most successful Netflix series of all time “The Squid Game” from the throne of the Netflix Top 10. He was very proud, as he explained on Instagram.

The quick success of the comedy “Army of Thieves” surprised Matthias Schweighöfer. He did not hide his happiness on social networks and thanked his fans.

The exact number of viewers is still unknown, but it seems certain: the film will be well received by the Netflix series. On Rotten Tomatoes, 76 percent of viewers would recommend “Army of Thieves.” Experts rate the film at 70 percent—a rating Schweighöfer can live with.

How Army Of Thieves’ Matthias Schweighöfer Joined Zack Snyder’s Army

“Army of Thieves” became number one in more than 90 countries within a short time. This is another record for Netflix. ©Netflix

Directed by Zack Snyders, whose name should be familiar in Army of the Dead. Army of Thieves is the essence of this. But while “Army of the Dead” is about zombies, there are no mysterious characters that appear in the prequel. The main focus here is on the lovable adventurer Ludwig Dieter (played by Matthias Schweighöfer). With the help of the crew, he must break into three major museums in Europe. In fact, the question about “Army of Thieves” answered itself: as a prequel to “Army of the Dead”, Zack Snyder’s zombie movie continued . Ludwig Dieter’s story begins in “Thieves”.

Army of Thieves: Easter Eggs and Netflix Adventures Hit by Matthias Schweighöfer There’s a lot to discover in the Army of the Dead prequel.

Army Of Thieves

“Army of Thieves” dominates the Netflix map! You can find more information about the production, hidden Easter eggs and the return of Ludwig Dieter.

Army Of Thieves’: Netflix Prequel Answers Some Burning Questions About Zack Snyder’s ‘army Of The Dead’

However, the upcoming zombie movie “Planet of the Dead” is in some ways more similar to “Army of Thieves” because it has a reunion of old friends. You can learn more about Ludwig Dieter’s future here!

The sequel to “Army of Thieves” seems to be finished (we’ll tell you about it below). However, there is no launch date yet, so patience is required. The next chapter in the zombie series isn’t expected to debut on Netflix until 2023.

“Army of Thieves” ends with Gwendoline and Korina getting caught while Sebastian/Ludwig goes to America on a fake passport and opens a lock shop called “Gwendoline’s Safe & Lock Co.” open. There he received a visit from Scott Ward and Maria Cruz – a scene we already know from Army of the Dead.

The end of Ludwig’s story also seems familiar: At the end of “Army of the Dead” he sends Vanderohe safely to Götterdämmerung to protect her from the demons there. Ludwig himself was apparently killed by Zeus, the leader of the demons.

Army Of Thieves (2021) Movie Review

Army of Thieves: More Vaults, Less Zombies Movie Review – Matthias Schweighöfer’s rogue-like fun, prequel on Netflix with Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel

“Army of Thieves” on Netflix shows the beginning of the reliable cracker Ludwig Dieter and does (almost) no fear of zombies. Our research shows if this works.

But, and this is important, we don’t see Ludwig die. One of the old rules of film applies here: If a person isn’t shown to be dead, or at least their body, then they probably aren’t dead yet.

Army Of Thieves

While it seems that Ludwig has managed to get out of this hopeless situation, even director Zack Snyder admits that Ludwig’s future is uncertain. And he explained more…

Where Army Of Thieves Characters Are During Army Of The Dead

“Army of Thieves 2” has excellent animated characters

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