Ao Menor Sinal De Desinteresse

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Custom wood and magnets behind the piece. If the customer also wants us to have a hook for hanging, contact us and ask.

Ao Menor Sinal De Desinteresse

Ao Menor Sinal De Desinteresse

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Ana Maria Braga has already given a lot of advice to the fans of “Mais Você”, some very bold, but none have been as comprehensive as the presenter’s sentence about ending a relationship.

The tutorial was first published on Globo on May 9, 2018 and is still shared by many people. There are even those who claim to be “living in Ana Maria’s style” ever since.

Whether at the beginning or at the end of “Mais Você”, Ana María never misses an opportunity to give advice in the episode “Pensamento do Dia”, where she invites her listeners to think about aspects of life.

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In the program of May 9, 2018, Ana Maria could not have imagined that she would spread the most viral advice on the Internet, especially when it comes to relationships, which many people take as a philosophy of life.

“Every little sign of disrespect, pay the price. Go away,” the celebrity said. The advice to evaluate yourself against the other party’s lack of interest was so widespread that, 3 years later, it is still shared daily on the Internet.

Globo himself came to her rescue several times. The message written by the presenter, as we said before, became the source of many people facing communication problems, which allows the message to get many shares.

Ao Menor Sinal De Desinteresse

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