Aniversário De 16 Anos

Aniversário De 16 Anos – The 16th birthday celebration is a tradition in the US. USA and here in Brazil it has been gaining followers for some time.

Although the 15th birthday celebration is one of the most awaited moments for teenagers, the delicious sixteenth birthday party has become an unprecedented option.

Aniversário De 16 Anos

Aniversário De 16 Anos

Despite this choice, especially because a young man needs different things to celebrate this important birthday in his life.

Convite De Aniversário De 16 Anos Com Números Alinhados

With that in mind, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to learn how to plan a dream 16th birthday.

Although parents, family and friends always like to give advice, this is a decision that depends on many things about the birthday girl.

All this will be a guide to make a party and even to choose a dress, hairstyle and make-up!

As a premiere event in Brazil, a 16th birthday party can also have a theme and style that make it unique!

AniversÁrio 16 Anos!

A seasonal festival is celebrated according to the season of the year.

For example, a party held at the end of October with a Halloween theme or a summer party with a holiday theme.

Or some genre, such as Rock, Rockabilly (50s), Sertanejo, Disco (70s), electronic music or anything else that makes the child’s birthday smell.

Aniversário De 16 Anos

When we talk about a movie themed party and especially a debutante again, we immediately think of princess animations.

Celebração De Aniversário De 16 Anos Com Balões De Ouro E Confetes Coloridos, Brilhos. Projeto Da Ilustração 3d Para Seu Cartão, Convite Do Aniversário E Partido Da Celebração De Dezesseis Anos De

For example, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Cinderella”, “Sleeping Beauty” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

Some movies like “Secret Garden”, “Aladdin” and series like “Anne with E” are also on top of the popular topics.

Las Vegas and its casinos, Paris and romance, New York and multiculturalism, the theme parks of Orlando and Disney, London and its traditional symbols are repeated again and again for youth gatherings.

Remember that the choice of theme will guide all the decoration, color palette, invitations to small details like bedding and cutlery.

Convite Digital 16 Anos Vermelho E Dourado

An important part to explain how to explain the investment in each area: party decoration, clothing, hotel rental, catering and DJ.

The advice is to put everything on paper, discuss how a whole will be important.

From clothes and souvenirs to investments and jewelry, everything will be on this page.

Aniversário De 16 Anos

So, before you hand out invitations and close the guest count, make sure that person will be able to attend the event.

Buy Suprimentos Doces Para Decorações De Aniversário De 16 Anos

Even if the person is really sweet, don’t worry and ask if they are sure they will come to your party.

Having a number of guests for a 16th birthday party helps to plan well, in terms of choosing the venue.

Despite this time difference, there is something in common between the 15- and 16-year-old sessions: the choice of location.

As it was a very important day, the ballroom was the main venue for the event!

Feliz Aniversário: 16 Anos

And to be able to count on catering, DJ, security, photographer and varied entertainment. In addition to the promoter or celebrant to organize everything.

And as a result, it gives the birthday girl time to think about other things, like her outfit and the ceremonies she wants to do at her party.

To choose a good place, you have to take into account the number of guests – or something like that – so that the room is not crowded or empty.

Aniversário De 16 Anos

For example, the delivery of jewels is more important in 16 candies, and the shoes change.

Vela 16 Anos

Candles, on the other hand, are used to honor important people in our lives, such as parents and grandparents, friends and siblings.

Unlike the 15th birthday party, each candle represents a year of the birthday girl’s life.

Her hairstyle and make-up is a choice that will depend more on the taste of the debutante and the theme of the party.

If, when you rent a house, food is already included, you will likely be offered several options.

Topo De Bolo

However, it is possible to have a traditional 16th birthday party even when it is time to eat.

At these parties, food is eaten in small porcelain dishes, the so-called finger food such as chips, hot dogs, hamburgers or gourmet pizzas.

And although it’s common, it’s important to highlight those that are interesting and that match the type of birthday girl and the theme of the party.

Aniversário De 16 Anos

The materials used are the materials distributed before the opening of the dance floor, for example: signs and neon lamps.

Cartão De Convite Aniversário De Casamento De Dezesseis Anos

The sixteenth or 16th birthday party is a non-traditional celebration here in Brazil.

If you still have questions about how to plan your perfect 16th birthday party, leave a comment and we’ll be happy to explain!

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They are looking for me, now what? Watch the other series! What is a mood board and how to make it for your party?

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