Alibaba E Os 40 Ladrões

Alibaba E Os 40 Ladrões – “Ali Baba and 40 Thieves” tells the story of a poor woodcutter who discovers a mysterious cave. The audiobook is available from Auti Books.

Long ago in the East lived a poor woodcutter, Ali Baba. One afternoon, on his way home, he unnoticed saw 40 men carrying large boxes into a secret cave hidden behind a rock. After the men leave, Ali Baba goes to the rock and says the magic words he heard from the head of the bandits, and his adventure begins from there. Date

Alibaba E Os 40 Ladrões

Alibaba E Os 40 Ladrões

(18 minutes, R$9.90 – Narrated by Fernando Paz and Igor Kowalewki), Antoine Galland’s work is now available in audiobook form through Auti Books. The book is part of a collection for children, which brings together 10 children’s classics, among them.

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. All audiobooks were produced and recorded by Auti Books. In addition to being available in an a la carte model, the books are available through the Auti Books subscription system (R$ 19.90).

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Without fanfare, the company released works described as “a digital voice narrated by a human narrator”; action should spark more discussion in the market

Audio versions of the seven books of the saga of witches, published in 2015, have been successful in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Latin American Spanish and Spanish Castilian.

Pdf) As Traduções E As Adaptações Para O Inglês De Ali Babá E Os Quarenta Ladrões Nos Séculos Xviii E Xix

The Swedish company announced that by this Tuesday, more than 300,000 titles will be available on the platform (22)

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Former commercial film director Wellington do Amaral Jr. describes his professional trajectory full of successes and extraordinary cases in communication and advertising

Alibaba E Os 40 Ladrões

The Nickelodeon star talks about her life with her mother, who oversees her personal and professional relationships.

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“I am increasingly afraid of writing, of disappointing people who trust me. I have no right to disappoint them. Every book is a new beginning. The reader cannot see this, he must believe that it is very easy to write. But spontaneity requires a lot of work.

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Ali Babá E Os Quarenta Ladrões

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