Aisha Movie

Aisha Movie – Ayesha centers around a girlfriend Ayesha (Sonam Kapoor) who believes that she can be a match between her friends and connects them together. We have seen the Sonam Cup

Ayesha centers around girlfriend Ayesha ( Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor, daughter of Anil Kapoor and model Su >> Read more… ) who believes that she can be a match among her friends, bringing them together. We have seen Sonam Kapoor in such happy-go-lucky roles before. This is also his shadow.

Aisha Movie

Aisha Movie

Ayesha (Sonam Kapoor) believes that she can play the cupid among her friends and play a central role in bringing the lovebirds together. Her neighbor/friend Arjun (Abhay Deol is an actor and director of TV Indu >> Read more… ) asks her to do so, telling her not to interfere in anyone’s personal life. But not to worry, Ayesha continues to make her game heroes.

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Ayesha tries to play the hero again as she tries to build a relationship between her friend and a handsome shopkeeper. But things take a turn for the worse when she discovers that one of her friends has feelings for her and proposes to her, leaving her confused.

Aisha Movie

She gets into more trouble when she has a fight with her friend because she says that love can’t be forced on anyone and it comes naturally. Upset and hurt by this, she tries to think things through, but things don’t go well.

In the end, she realizes that she was too sweet to hurt her friends and also realizes that she has fallen for Arjun. Ayesha leaves her bed and apologizes for her behavior and makes things right and the film ends on a happy note.

Aisha Movie

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Ayesha could have been better as the concept was great but mediocre acting by Sonam and the rest makes the film stand out and unfortunately you feel like leaving it halfway. We have seen many movies related to this concept, but this one was very good, the cinematography and editing is very fancy and it might catch your interest.

Of course, I will mention Cyrus Sahukar Cyrus Sahukar was born to Behram Sahukar, a colonel >> Read more… , who shines from time to time with his humor and the audience might like this too. The cupid toy can be polished for more interesting scenes that could be created from it. However, despite the efforts of Sonam Kapoor and other supporters, the film has stalled.

Aisha Movie

Although Sonam doesn’t show her full potential, she manages to win your heart with her innocence and soulful performance.

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Abhay Deol deserves a mention here who thought deeply about the character given to him and portrayed it effortlessly and spontaneously.

Aisha Movie

1. The cinematography is well done and the mood is somewhat connected and the cinematography is also strong.

2. Sonam shows energy at certain points which pleases the audience and Abhay Deol shows his musical acting skills.

Aisha Movie

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If you haven’t seen such movies, Ayesha is fine and wants to enjoy the relationships that a girl makes, and that’s her business. But for those who have already seen much more interesting films, read and complete this review. First of many features this week, Amrita Puri. In the 77th edition of our special series, the actor talks about his first acting project, Sonam Kapoor starrer Ayesha (2010).

Amrita Puri is an actress who has tried all mediums. From being a part of films like Kai Po Che, Blood Money and Judgmental Hai Kya to trying television in an era when Bollywood actors tried to avoid the small screen. She appeared in the TV show P.O.W. – The stories of Bandi Yuddh K and Rabindranath Tagore show his versatility.

Aisha Movie

Her recent foray into the digital space has been highly praised. An important part of the Amazon Prime Video series Four More Shots Please, which is currently shooting for its third season, Amrita was one of the high points of the recent web show on Zee5 – Jeet Ki Zid. She also appeared in Made in Heaven.

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Amrita has been around for over a decade, and continues to push the boundaries for herself. But how did it all start for her? Here’s what the actor shared:

Aisha Movie

Ayesha was my first big project, my first time on a film set. To be honest, I didn’t know much about shooting the film. So, Ayesha was like going to film school, because I had only done a few commercials before. By the time I went for advertising auditions, my portfolio was complete. I got a Facebook message about a remake of Jane Austen’s Emma and they were looking for a girl for the character I ended up playing. I was still in college doing my BA in English and I think someone from the literature department got the message. So, I was excited about the idea of ​​adapting a classic in my curriculum. And it was all through a Facebook message with that one number. I messaged the guy and went to Anil Kapoor Productions, got nothing. I met Amrita Sehgal there, who gave me the script. At first I refused the role. I said I don’t want this small town girl to be my first role because I want to be a heroine and I had my own ideas about how you see your first film. She shouted at me and said that I will come forward if I know what is good for me. I was so nervous that the only reason I came to the audition was because I didn’t want to make her angry.

I auditioned and then they asked me to wait for a second because Sonam was also there and they wanted me to do a scene with her. I was surprised because I went for a random audition. Even then it didn’t occur to me that a movie star had come to the audition. I was so nervous and scared because Sonam was on the cover of the whole magazine, a huge personality, a fashion icon. We auditioned for 2-3 scenes. I especially remember the scene in the elevator when I told Sonam that I want to wear Kareena Kapoor’s lehenga for my wedding, which is neither red nor pink. Instead it will be a crazy bright color. I did her. The next day I got a call that you are for him. It was very exciting for me because they auditioned about 250 girls across the cities for the character.

Aisha Movie

Aisha, Another New Heroine Ready To Set Foot On Mollywood Floor

I remember it was Delhi and it was raining. I was very confused about the lack of concept of a white van and spot dada. So I was sitting there alone in my vanity van, wondering where everyone else was, what was going on. Who am I to ask for breakfast… I didn’t even know I had to tell Spota that I wanted something to eat, so I didn’t eat or drink. I was then explained how the Spot Dada system works.

It was actually 6 in the morning. It was just Sonam and me. The director was with Riya. There was a restaurant scene where I had to cry while eating chop sui. First, I was nervous, and second, I didn’t eat anything for breakfast. And the first thing in the morning is to eat chop sui. If you look at the actors, they don’t eat much in scenes like this because they have to do it over and over again. I didn’t know that. So I was eating my fill. Then I had to eat a lot with other actors around. And I had to keep doing what I did in the first step.

Aisha Movie

Yes, I was nervous. And it wasn’t just the first day, I was nervous about big scenes, monologues and challenging things. So I was very nervous halfway through the shoot. I became more comfortable with my other films later as I learned and understood more about the filmmaking process.

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I don’t remember how many takes there were, but in any scene we take different angles – there’s a master shot, a wide shot, a close up… we have to have multiple angles. So, in the end, I ate so many chopsues that I felt sick.

Aisha Movie

How was the relationship with your co-stars when you got to meet them or work with them again later?

I am in touch with Cyrus (Sahukar) and Ira (Dubey). I don’t think I’m in touch with anyone else. But of course when we meet we talk about Aisha because we were all young and it was an important project in our lives.

Aisha Movie

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Ayesha included Arunoday Singh, Lisa Haydon, Ira Dubey, Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, Cyrus Sahukar and Anand Tiwari.

If given the chance

Aisha Movie

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