Addicted Movie

Addicted Movie – Lionsgate has released more clips from the upcoming film “Addicted” starring Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, Tasha Smith, Tyson Beckford, Amytji Corinaldi, Kat Graham and William Levy.

Based on Zen’s best-selling novel, Addicted is a sensual and provocative thriller about lust and the perils of promiscuity. Successful businesswoman Zoe Renard (Sharon Leal) seems to have it all – the husband of her dreams (Boris Kodjoe), two lovely children and a flourishing career. When everything seems perfect from the outside, Zoe is still drawn to temptations that she cannot avoid or resist. In pursuing a life of secrecy, Zoe finds herself risking it all as she goes down a dangerous path she may not survive.

Addicted Movie

Addicted Movie

Levi will play Quentin Matthews, a talented artist whose business Zoe cares about. Smith will play Dr. Marcella Spencer, Zoe Renard’s therapist who helped her overcome her sex addiction. Corinaldi, the breakout star of Ava DuVernay’s ‘Middle of Nowhere’, will play Brina, Zoe’s best friend, a bubbly, hardworking but flirtatious woman who is suspicious of Zoe’s troubles. in the bedroom and remind her that he has nothing to lose diamond gham will play

Boris Kodjoe, Director Bille Woodruff Talk Sex Scenes At ‘addicted’ Premiere

Directed by Billy Woodruff, the screenplay was adapted by Christina Welsh and Ernie Barbarash. The Lionsgate film will be produced by Paul Hall and executive produced by Charis Nesbitt.

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Four Good Days’ Sundance Review: Another Cookie Cutter Addiction Movie

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Addicted Movie

Successful businesswoman Zoe Renard (Sharon Leal) has a glamorous life. She has a wonderful, loving husband (Boris Kodjoe), two beautiful children, and a thriving career. However, her life seems perfect to others, Zoe is still tormented by hysteria. Her constant need for sexual gratification leads her to a secret existence – an existence that could ultimately put her family, career, and life at risk. Posted by Wilson Morales Based on the novel by Zane. Addicted out January 27 on Digital HD and February 10 on DVD and on demand

The Best Addiction Recovery Movies

Addicted, the gripping and provocative thriller based on “Queen of Erotica” Zen’s best-selling novel The New York Times, will have an NON-Rated version that’s even hotter, steamier, and captivating. Sexier – not in theaters – premieres on Digital HD January 27 from Codeblack Films and Lionsgate Home Entertainment. The R-rated theatrical version of the film will also be available on Digital HD on the same day. The movie will be available on DVD (plus digital) and On-Demand on February 10, and an unrated version will again be made available as an On-Demand option.

The glamorous look of Fifty Shades of Grey, Addicted follows a woman as her perfect life is nearly ruined when her lusts for the flesh lead her down a path she cannot survive. An all-star cast includes Sharon Leal (Why am I getting married?), Boris Kodjoe (Resident Evil: Retribution), Tasha Smith (Jumping the Broom, “Empire” coming to TV) in this story about lust and the perils of carelessness Huh. ), Tyson Beckford (TV’s “Make Me a Supermodel”), Amyatzi Corinaldi (Middle of Nowhere), Kat Graham (TV’s “The Vampire Diaries”) and William Levy (The Single Moms Club).

Based on the wild and sexy erotic thriller by Zane, a pioneer of the erotic novel genre with a screenplay by Christina Welsh and Ernie Barbaros, and directed by Bille Woodruff (Honey), Addicted follows Zoe (Lal), a successful businesswoman falls in love with a sensuality Uniquely crafted to delight painters and sculptors. Despite her caution, Zoe’s life spirals into a dangerous spiral out of control as she risks her marriage, family, and dignity in exchange for a sweet taste of the forbidden fruit.

Bundled material for the ADDICTED DVD includes deleted scenes and two short films: an intimate conversation with Zane about his experience writing the novel, and a steamy scene with three of the men hottest man on the planet. DVD Addicted will be available for a suggested retail price of $26.98.

Video: #addicted » Movie Trailer [starring Sharon Leal, Boris Kodjoe, & Tyson Beckford]

We understand. Ads are annoying, but they pay the bill right here. Please turn off your ad blockers and support so we can continue to bring you the content you love. Movies about drug addiction, alcoholism, and recovery can be difficult. Even enabled for some. However, they serve as a powerful reminder of how addiction can affect all areas of life.

Recovery from drug addiction and substance abuse is an active process that we must follow every day in order to thrive in a state of sobriety.

Movies about addiction and recovery can be a stark reminder of where we’ve been and remind us that we never want to be there again.

Addicted Movie

With that said, here is a list of some of the best movies that deal with the themes of addiction and substance use.

Addicted’: Film Review

Barfly is a semi-autobiographical novel about poet and writer Charles Bukowski. The film depicts the main character, Mickey Rourke, as an alcoholic with an alter ego named Henry Chinaski. The play was actually written by Bukowski himself.

In the film, Henry lives in a dilapidated apartment and works odd jobs. He finds solace in writing poetry to express his feelings. In the evening, Henry goes to the local bars and is often in trouble, hence the name Barfly.

Affliction is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Russell Banks. The main character of the film is Wade Whitehouse, a police officer in New Hampshire.

In the film, Wade is played by Nick Nolte, a man estranged from his domineering and abusive alcoholic father and ex-wife, and obsessed with the idea of ​​solving a case involving a hunting accident. shoot dead.

Film Review: “love Addict, Stories Of Dreams, Obsession And Longing”

Betty is played by Marie Trintignant, a young alcoholic woman who is married and has two children. She has a bourgeois husband who finds out that she is cheating.

Betty was quickly kicked out of her home by a wealthy family and separated from her children. Betty is taken in by Laure (played by Stéphane Audran) and has an accomplice who is the owner of the restaurant they meet.

Crazy Heart is a movie based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Cobb. The film follows Otis “Bad Boy” Blake, a 57-year-old alcoholic singer-songwriter living on the streets.

Addicted Movie

In the film, Blake, played by Jeff Bridges, has been through many broken marriages (4 or 5) and has a son with whom he has not contacted in 24 years. He meets a woman named Jean and begins his life.

Addicted To Love

Unfortunately, his drinking started again and a drunk driving accident sent him to the hospital. Blake went through a rehab program and was finally sober.

Clean and Sober is a movie about a successful real estate agent named Daryl Poynter (played by Michael Keaton) who suffers from substance abuse.

Poynter was addicted to cocaine and lost a lot of company money because of his addiction. He ends up in a difficult situation waking up next to a woman having a heart attack. While trying to run away from the situation, Poynter entered a rehab center to hide.

During his time at the treatment center, Poynter learned that his life was a mess and that he was actually an addict. Poynter fell in love with Charlie, who died in a car crash, and it almost broke her down.

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Drugstore Cowboy is an autobiographical story based on the novel by James Fogle, a longtime drug dealer and user.

The main character in the film is Bob Hughes and his role is played by Matt Dillon. Hughes travels across the Pacific Northwest with a group of drug addicts, robbing pharmacies as they come to support his habit.

The film deals with theft, crime, drug overdose and the complexities of the lives of a group of young drug addicts.

Addicted Movie

After Hughes witnessed his friend’s death from a drug overdose, he decided to wash up. However, things get complicated and he can’t escape his bond with the drug world.

Addicted To Love* (vhs, 1997) Movie Video

The main character Nick Halsey is played by Will Ferrell.

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