A Dor é Inevitável O Sofrimento é Opcional

A Dor é Inevitável O Sofrimento é Opcional – Sequoia is a giant. The tree can be more than 90 meters high, about the height of a 30-story building. The lower branches are 45 meters from the ground to the base over 3 meters in diameter.

However, it is born from a small seed and its delicate branch, which only emerges on the surface of the earth, is exposed to different climatic conditions of nature. In high winds or heavy rain, it bends in such a way that it looks like it will break and wash away.

A Dor é Inevitável O Sofrimento é Opcional

A Dor é Inevitável O Sofrimento é Opcional

But no. Even when there is strong wind or rain, the dry sequoia stands strong and upright, holding on to life and straightening itself for the future.

Inevitável E Opcional

This simple exercise always, in the long run, will strengthen his foundation, and give him more support. It’s not hard at all. Although it is ten meters high and a good meter in diameter, when the forces of nature arrive, the giant will jump back and forth, willingly giving up the position, but will immediately start its beautiful howitzer. Details: Winning results with wind or rain or both, more powerful. An example of power. Stick to the side of the sun.

Elasticity For physics, this term describes the ability of certain materials to undergo an impact and return to their original state.

When it comes to human behavior, the term refers to the ability to solve and overcome problems, to turn negative experiences into opportunities to learn and change. That is, to “go back to the top,” control and control.

By all means, but the one who learns to drive and turn it into productive energy. A person of integrity can bend, but not break, when faced with adversity, trauma, danger, or threat. He is mostly passive and passive about the events that affect him and his life, always thinking that he is the cause of the present and the future, which he is not. a painful past.

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When faced with a difficult situation, what do you do: cry, run or face? Yes, there are people who, besides living and facing problems, manage to benefit them, learn and grow emotionally. These are simple people.

A researcher who started using the term to study human behavior is an example of a flexible person. Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist Witter Frankel, a survivor of Auschwitz, used his experience as a prisoner of the notorious and brutal Nazi concentration camp as inspiration for his study of resilience.

In his book “In Search of Meaning” (Editora Vozs), Frank explains “even in ridiculous, painful and inhuman situations, life can have meaning and therefore, pain is meaning.”.

A Dor é Inevitável O Sofrimento é Opcional

From the problems that have already been seen, we will find a new reason for living, security and emotional balance, confidence in ourselves and life, giving ourselves a new sense of self and meaning. reality, and new goals for living well. will be

Dor E Sofrimento. O Que Você Pensa Sobre Estas Duas Palavras?

The seed uses the pressure and moisture of the soil where it is planted, to break the shell to prevent germination. It removes the soil layer, removes the dry leaves from the surface and exposes itself to the sun, and later it becomes a large leaf root in the seeds.

The lotus flower, though rooted in the mud of the water, is neither afraid nor drowned in the mud above, and overcomes everything, especially on the walls, to climb Add to the skin beauty and fragrance. Destiny, give yourself a true meaning.

Enjoy the good weather. Change when things go wrong. When circumstances cannot change, change yourself

Viktor Frankl, Austrian neuropsychiatrist and founder of the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy, Logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

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We will do our best, use the right way to deal with difficult situations, know how to overcome our mistakes, develop our skills, secure the desired results.

We, at PROJETO INOVE, strongly believe that resilience is a trait that can be developed and improved every day, ultimately, by each of us in the full course of our personal lives and the business. accomplished. It has arrived!

Like a flower that grows in unexpected places, like the edelweiss in the Swiss Alps, and catches the eye of the beholder, let’s be like this: let’s change, let’s overcome our trouble and become his own thing. for progress, it won’t be long.

A Dor é Inevitável O Sofrimento é Opcional

Man’s first step in life is to give birth to himself and become his potential.

A Dor É InevitÁvel. O Sofrimento Opcional

We become what we think. The mind creates everything. Yes, with wisdom, success.

Knowing that creativity is the lifeblood of creative industries. What we project through the mind becomes reality in the world of forms. A good leader leads to great success. Through the proper use of psychic powers, the field of relationship is changed, creating courage and enthusiasm. there are laws unknown to our mental world that govern the events of life and sleep in the unconscious of man, waiting to be awakened; And knowing that we are what we decide, we get what we want, we are where we want and we have success, success or stagnation, as we are thinking, PROJETO. INOVE works with all the powers of the human mind, so that we can learn how to use them wisely, to control our thoughts, our thoughts and our actions.

The pursuit of personal and professional improvement should be a constant in each person’s life, beyond limitations in personal care and relationships with family, community, and business. However, not everyone knows the winning wisdom for a good life. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said it well: “People can be divided into three groups: those who make things happen; those who see what will happen; those who run in a conflict to lose before it begins. Project INOVE was born with the idea of ​​helping to create personal achievements, in the context of better human rights. give, that with now, workshops; Create special groups for weekly meetings on specific topics. A regular meditation program is used (focusing through active meditation, which leads to inner peace), Personal support – if applicable. You need it. Do you want it? You can. Love you. Hillel, the great Israeli scholar, connects us well in the field of personal victories, leaving the question: “If not for myself, who?” Be the one to do it. You are the main beneficiary. Follow us and follow us on Facebook – Projeto In ove. Contact us and leave us your email address to receive the first news about our work. We can talk about physical pain and emotional pain. First, sometimes we can’t help it. and secondly, we can avoid it when we put in the effort.

What is called Mindfulness Psychology – there is no translation in Portuguese – and is often referred to by its English name or Psicologia da Attention Plena is one of the methods of mindfulness. And one of the most amazing healing techniques in this strand is bringing attention to this moment.

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For example, imagine that you have a big problem that you need to solve in the next month. Since this can be resolved in just 30 days, there is no reason to worry now, since nothing can be done. Also, if you take your mind now and ask:

I bet you 99% of the time the answer is: now, this second, this minute. The rest of the time it might be a problem, like physical pain.

Pain is the body’s response to alert you to a problem. For example, for the past three days, I have had severe pain from inflammation of my left wisdom tooth. Of course, I already made an appointment with the dentist, but when I waited for the time and relieved the pain a little with anti-inflammatory drugs, the pain did not go away.

A Dor é Inevitável O Sofrimento é Opcional

Therefore, in Mindfulness Psychology, we say that pain is not possible. However, pain is a choice because pain is a response to pain.

Devaneios Da Alma (podcast)

If you have a physical injury – like a wisdom tooth – you can accept the pain and take the necessary steps or you can scream, cry, feel like the victim , misunderstood, you can save that from luck. He doesn’t deserve it. Otherwise, you may become angry, want to fight, want to shout at yourself and yourself.

In this way, or in other ways, we create pain. Suffer in vain because going through happy moments and fun is a part of life. Paradoxically, not accepting physical pain or an unpleasant situation makes us more painful than accepting and letting go of an external or internal stimulus.

Chronic pain is a non-specific pattern of pain.

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