A Cruz Sagrada Seja Minha Luz Em Latim

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Wooden figure, available in white or black, 2 cm wide and 1 cm deep.

A Cruz Sagrada Seja Minha Luz Em Latim

A Cruz Sagrada Seja Minha Luz Em Latim

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RÁdio Vida Nova Franca

At, you will have complete security to buy with peace of mind. If you need it, you can always rely on our dedicated service team to help you at any point in the process. And if the unexpected happens, your money will be safe. Find out more about the policy of conversion, repair and restoration Saint Bento holds in his left hand the book of the Law he wrote to the monks; and beyond, a cross. Near the Saint are recited jaculatory or prayers:

São Bento used the sign of the cross to perform miracles and overcome temptations. Thus came the ancient practice of depicting him with a cross in his hand. Over the centuries, Saint Benedict medals have been made in many different ways.

Since the 17th century, medals have been issued, on one side the image of the Saint with a bowl containing a snake and a bird with bread in its mouth, commemorating two people who tried to kill St. Benedict. . .amazing without a hitch.

Above the cross is written the word PAX, “Peace”, which is the motto of the Order of St. Benedict. PAX is sometimes replaced by the monogram of Christ: I H S.

Colar De São Bento Banhado Banhado Em Ouro 18k

In Latin, Sunt Mala Quae Libas Ipse Venena Bibas: WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME IS GOOD, DRINK WITH YOU!

However, a medal won’t solve all problems, like a talisman or a talisman.

Every Christian, like Jesus Christ, must take up his own cross. Because our sins must be forgiven; our faith will be tested; and our pure love, that our habits may increase.

A Cruz Sagrada Seja Minha Luz Em Latim

The sign of our salvation, the Cross, inscribed on the medal, is not intended to free us from temptation; however, the merits of the cross of Jesus and the intercession of St. Benedict are fruitful in many cases.

Crucifixo Madeira Com Cruz São Bento 38 Cm

The medal gives special grace at the time of death, as São Bento and São José are saints who die well.

In order to be freed from Satan’s trap, it is necessary, above all, to love and love God. Therefore, it is necessary to protect him and to love him, to fulfill all religious activities: prayer, Sunday Mass, feasts, fulfilling the works of righteousness; in other words, to fulfill all the laws of God and the Church.

Neither Satan nor any other creature can destroy a soul united with God. In short, the effect of the medal of Saint Benedict is related to a person’s attitude towards God and compliance with the above requirements. make the sign of the cross. From the beginning, the cross, where Christ was crucified, was a symbol of victory over sin. Elites are examples of this. Make the sign of the cross for protection, to bless food for example or to give thanks for being saved from the storm. Simply put, sometimes, São Bento is a delicious wine. When the saint goes to drink from the cup, he makes the sign of the cross. The vessel containing the poison is mixed with wine that has been split into pieces. Many people, including Catholics, see the sign of the cross as a religion. But this sign is an act of surrender to God, whose Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross to save humanity.

The prayer that we saw at the beginning of this video was written, with the beginning in Latin, on the Medal of St. Benedict. That said, there are other considerations involved. This medal is inspired by the life, work and prayer of this great saint. I think that if you know the meaning of the symbol in the medallion, using this ritual object will have a deeper meaning in your life. The most important of these is protection.

Salvem A Liturgia!

There is no difference in the meaning of the medal of Saint Benedict, there is a report, according to tradition, about a trial that took place in the 17th century, where some women were accused of witches, without authority at the seat of Saint Michael in Metten, Germany. When they examined the facts provided by them, they found that in this Abbey they had inscribed, on the walls of the building, crosses surrounded by letters similar to those on the Medal of São Bento.

In the 18th century, in 1742, Pope Benedict XIV authorized the use of a medal, with Saint Benedict on one side and a Holy Cross on the other. The medal as we know it today was struck in 1880 by Benedictine monks at the Abbey of Monte Cassino, Italy. São Bento’s fourteenth birthday was celebrated.

If we look at the medal, on one of its faces, we will see the image of St. Benedict, with the Cross in his hand, who performed many miracles in his life. to live; on the other hand, the Rule is written on the Order of Benedict.

A Cruz Sagrada Seja Minha Luz Em Latim

Continuing with one eye, we can read, in Latin, the words “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” translated, (Cross of Father Saint Benedict). Underneath, on one side, a bowl from which a snake came out and on the other side, a raven with bread in its mouth. Both scenes show attempts at sanctity. The first is the Chalice with sour wine and the second image is the raven holding the holy bread. Around the sides of this face, we read the prayer: “Eius muri obitu nostro praesentia muniamur” (In the time of our death we can be protected by his presence). Below, under São Bento: “From. S.M

Catecismo Da Igreja Católica (bolso Com Capa Cristal)

On the other hand, there is a Holy Cross and some letters showing, in Latin, the prayer at the beginning of the video: The Prayer of the Medal of São Bento.

Above and below the arms of the cross we see the initials: C.S.P.B.: “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” (Cross of Father Saint Benedict). in the middle

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