90.400.888/0001-42 – Upper waterproof leather, hydrophobic, breathable, 2.0 – 2.2 mm thick Inner lining Breathable inner lining Insert Comfortable, cushioning and moisture wicking. A separate heel cup provides good cushioning and foot control. “AIRFLOW” channels. “Perfect-Fit” marking for optimal verification of correct shoe size. ® Protective sole Metal-free protection against penetrating sharp objects. ® Anti-slip Very good grip on different terrains due to the profile design and the special rubber used. ESD electrostatic dissipating shoes tested according to DIN EN 61340-4-3:2002. Sole Modern, lightweight sports shoes sole construction with rubber / PU road / relief profile, increased comfort, very wear-resistant and non-slip – even in the cold. PU cushioning wedge with its low weight ensures excellent running characteristics. Very good cold insulation, resistant to fuel, does not cause stains. According to EN ISO 20345:2011. ® Certified orthopedic system DGUV regulation 112-191/112-991 (BGR 191) Pressure reduction, cushioning, foot position correction, body alignment and muscle balance. ® Composite toe caps Anatomically shaped, ultra-light protective toe cap made of fiber-reinforced plastic for the highest safety requirements. ® Protective cap Cap for extra protection and high wear resistance. ® Vario Wide Fit System With 3 different insoles, the shoe width can be adjusted individually. A red insole (medium) comes with the shoe. The insole in yellow (wide) and blue (narrow) must be ordered separately. ® Climate System ® Climate System uses the pumping movement that occurs when you walk and transports moisture to the outside via a Micro-Dry lining at the end of the shaft. Sun Reflect Reduces the heating effect of the upper skin caused by sunlight. Sunlight is reflected from the skin, so less heat is transferred to the foot. Miscellaneous Light weight, pull-on loop

Full skin, full strength. Your Black Eagle Safety 56 LL offers S3 protection and a durable leather lining.



The integrity of your feet is important. That’s why the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid has a composite toe cap. The anatomically shaped, lightweight plastic protective cap meets the highest safety requirements, because it immediately returns to its original shape after a collision and quickly frees the toes.

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With the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid you have the good feeling of being safe, even when working with electronic components, because the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid is electrostatically dissipative. This is guaranteed by ESD according to DIN-EN 61340-5.

Your health is important. The Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid offers comprehensive protection for your foot as it is puncture proof, waterproof, non-slip and impact resistant. This is guaranteed by the high requirements of the highest safety class S3.

The midsole of the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL keeps your feet intact as it proves to be extremely resistant to all the bumps of daily work. This is guaranteed by a durable outer skin that cannot be damaged by sharp objects or sharp edges.

In the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid you always move in a comfortable temperature range, because the leather lining of the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid regulates the temperature of the shoe according to the outside temperature – in the summer it cools you off and makes you comfortable. and warm in winter.

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Your foot can breathe in the middle of the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL, as a special foam system ensures air circulation in the shoe and moisture escape. The climate system works like an air conditioner in the shoes.

The middle of the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL is comfortable to fit, even if you are outside for several hours. Because the built-in cushioning wedge cushions your steps. We call it absorption: for impulse even on long working days.

The right shoes for your feet. Thanks to the specially designed feet, the middle of your Black Eagle Safety 56 LL fits perfectly and therefore ensures maximum comfort throughout the day.


The Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid has a variety of insoles that can add or remove volume from the shoe. We have designed a slightly thicker insole for narrow feet and a slightly thinner insole for wide feet.

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The Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid was tested according to the DGUV 112-191 (BGR 191) standard and is therefore approved for orthopedic insoles.

As a result, the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid can optimally adapt to the foot and support its anatomical structure.

The Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid is suitable for anyone looking for an all-season shoe who does not want to compromise on safety. The inner leather lining adapts to the outside temperature and ensures a comfortable fit without compromising safety. For everyone who works indoors and outdoors in difficult conditions.

Thanks to the leather lining, the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid can be worn in both warmer and colder temperatures. The inner lining cools you in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter.

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Black Eagle Safety 56 LL mid provides a comfortable fit both in summer and winter.

What is the difference between the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL and the Black Eagle Safety 50, 53, 54 and 56?

Unlike the Black Eagle Safety 50, Black Eagle Safety 53 and Black Eagle Safety 54, the Black Eagle Safety 56 LL does not have a GORE-TEX® membrane, so it is not waterproof. Unlike other models, it is equipped with a leather lining.


The Black Eagle Safety 56 LL consists of waterproof smooth leather, has a temperature regulating leather lining and is not waterproof.

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The shoes are 100% made in Europe. For us, it is not just lip service, but a skilled practice. If a shoe says “Made in Europe”, we guarantee that it was only made in our factories in Mainburg and Mala Subotica, Croatia. Both factories are among the most modern shoe factories in the world.

By the way: For us, “Made in Europe” is not only a promise of quality, but also means good working conditions, equal opportunities, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Very comfortable shoes with a good “foot climate”. Great fit and good stability on bumps and when working on stairs. I searched for a long time and finally found one with a good price/performance ratio.

The shoes are very well made and designed for work on construction sites. The durability and comfort that lasts until the end is unmatched by any other work shoe I have ever seen. It is important to me that my employees are safe and comfortable in their shoes. This is not just a positive aspect of the feel-good effect. There are fewer accidents and that is also very important for the health of the employees. That’s why we only wear business shoes for a long time.

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I ordered shoes in size 45.5 and have been wearing them for a little over a week now. This shoe is characterized by a very good fit and a great foot. Since I wear work shoes up to 10 hours a day, I wanted to do something good for my feet, because I am not the ideal weight, but more than that. I am a forestry machine operator so I wanted a shoe with good stability and this shoe has it. I am very satisfied with the shoes.

The shoes are very comfortable and breathable due to the outer leather and the inner leather. A clear recommendation. The option to buy different soles is another plus for these comfortable work shoes.

The shoes are very comfortable to wear. A little stiff at first, but it goes away quickly. After delivery I asked customer service to change the billing address. The new bill was sent to me within an hour.


I’ve been wearing the shoes for 3 weeks now, alternating with another pair of shoes, and I’m very happy with the shoes (except that the laces are a bit too short compared to other black eagle shoes I ordered at the same time). At first I had serious problems with the shoe and was skeptical because it didn’t give me the same feeling on my feet as the airpower x11, which was like a second skin from the start. I am also skeptical about the leather lining as it is more difficult to slip in the shoe than with fabric. But after ordering the wider insoles, the Black Eagle now fits very well and the initial pain in my foot is gone. Although my other few black eagles were less of a problem. I must also say that I have a flat foot. I personally found the customer service over the phone and helpline annoying. When I asked if the wider insoles would solve my foot pain problem, I was told that I probably have sensitive feet and she couldn’t tell me anything about that. This is not what I mean by customer service or advice.

Haix Black Eagle Safety 56 Ll Mid

Light shoes. Visually makes the foot small. I am not happy with the lacing. The bottom must be laid very tightly, otherwise it will rub against the heel. If I sew tightly, the lace hook is right on the inside and presses it from above. Can be broken into, but not yet sufficient. As a union employee, I still can’t recommend it.

Successful shoes off. Leather lining is the best choice for summer in my opinion. The shoes are very comfortable to wear.

I have got along quite well with work shoes for the last year, although the shoes have product defects, which they quickly replaced, I will always use work shoes from.

I work in the building materials trade and I need comfortable and durable shoes. The shoe basically already does that.

I especially like it

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