10 De Ouros Tarot

10 De Ouros Tarot – Arcana Number ten is the result, the end. They are the ultimate arcana and show a steadfastness in achieving goals and accomplishments.

They are evolutionary arcana, which means that we are now experiencing everything. We know when to advance, reverse, rise and fall. We have won, lost, suffered and been happy, so we have the courage not to let ourselves down, and we have enough peace to know that everything is changing, there is no no more disappointment or happiness, we will not lose our heads. satisfied.

10 De Ouros Tarot

10 De Ouros Tarot

Therefore, it is perennial indicated by this arcana. This is not accidental, but the fact that we overcome with this arcana means that we overcome with more knowledge and wisdom, so that these challenges are firm and clear.

Ten Of Pentacles Meaning

Therefore, Arcana number 10 must be taken seriously. Other children are not, but when this mystery is revealed, it reveals a deeper and more rooted situation.

At Pentagon 9, we have been successful and happy and proud of what we have achieved. The 10 of Pentacles is the next step, as we step out into the future. This arcane shows that we leave it to future generations or inheritance from past generations. For example, a professional achieves success and diversity in his work (9 of Pentacles) and decides to write a book about something in his work to guide and help those next generation professionals like him. Or you decide to invest in real estate to leave a legacy for your family. The 10 of Pentacles is about something strong and secure enough for the life of the client, or at least for some time.

On the other hand, they can show the “below” life of the person in question – what we have inherited. And it’s not always good. I once played to find out about the health of a friend who was seriously ill in the hospital and the result was Death + 10 diamonds. Death, in terms of health, can indicate that there is illness around and has decided to see itself, but I do not understand the 10 of Pentacles. Then he told me that his problem is hereditary, as both his mother and grandmother had it.

“a man sows seeds from leaves and old trees” – we reached the peak of our achievements, everything that comes from there is a result of success. Success is achieved with knowledge of sustainability, capabilities, results of efforts, lessons learned and past. Pleased with the result.

Via Tarot: Príncipe De Ouros

This arcane 9 brings more fullness and stability to the pleasure of the cup. This represents the time when the relationship has left the level of emotional and personal love and reached the spiritual dimension. When we really love, and this love is proof of an originality, crisis, we have a long period of satisfaction and harmony.

“Great brothers of the world” – we have achieved the seemingly impossible: an incredible level of unity. Ideas are known, especially the mind. Love transcends barriers and limitations. The magic, the transcendence, the pure understanding, and everything is worth it!

On the 9th, we suffer and fear. The decision we made was hopeless and we were worried about what might happen, afraid of the consequences. And 10 Swords comes, that ends the problem. The sword of the sword works in the brain, and our “ideas” have led us to the 9, where we have faced problems and/or strange situations to achieve our goals. Then comes the 10 of Swords and forces us to trust and surrender. This is not a very happy secret, because what we value must be given up because of weakness, and we will give up because we have no hope. And when we stop, the problem ends. That is, the 10 of Swords always represents the end of the problem when we have to give something up and/or separate ourselves.

10 De Ouros Tarot

“The man cut off his leg” – we need to put an end to what bothers us. We are tired because there are so many conflicts, we have to give “the end” and overcome the time. It is not easy, but it is necessary. The end of the pain, but the pain of the end. We must admit that we have reached our limits. What happens, happens. Now is the time to make a difference.

Sinfonia Da Lua: Conhecendo O Tarot: Arcanos Menores

This arcana is popularly known as “torture card”, because often in this arcana we are overloaded, overwhelmed, do not have time for anything and often work like crazy, full of duties and obligations. Therefore, its meaning seems contradictory in relation to other arcana number 10, but not quite. The suit of Wands moves on the spiritual plane and represents change on that plane, wisdom, understanding, acceptance, etc. When we reach the 10 of wands, it means that we have reached a high level of change, a new evolutionary stage, which also brings its problems, and many times we are confused with them, because it is a stage new. In this way, I agree with Nei Naiff, because he says that this Arcanum, unlike the other 10 numbers, means not only the end, but also a new level of the future first, which brings its problems like everything new.

“The hunter can’t take his game seriously” – we tried, we did and it happened, but can we bear the blame? We felt the weight of responsibility here more than we expected. We tried when we had to, but now we are faced with a challenge: do we have the strength to overcome the time? Normally, we go to our destination. We may not be able to give results, we are too tired. Is it safe to have a lot of money? Is it safe for yourself in a castle with high walls? Is it safe to have many friends and have a good marriage? Who has access to the so-called “strong”, powerful?

Well… The 10 of Diamonds is the card of wealth, security, protection and stability. In some tarots, it is also represented by the image of a good family. But the question remains: under what circumstances do we feel safe and protected?

Time and circumstances have proven to me that it is not useful to have material support (ephemeral, everything can change quickly in the equivalent of hours); there is no point to socialize (because people come and go…); no benefit to having friends and family together (because they are also subject to life’s ups and downs); and there is no use to want to control life, because life cannot be controlled!

Significado Das Cartas De Tarot

Security must be within us. This does not guarantee that we can create people and situations for our own little whims. But the ability to see that success is not outside of us, but within us. Belief that if we follow our hearts, if we follow our work, the path will be open to harmony… Belief that we are not here to suffer, but will learn in peace. read the signs that lead us to the safest way.

The 10 of Pentacles should be the fortress of our life, made of material, but always ready to repair and improve! 😉

Since today is Thursday, a day ruled by Jupiter, let’s remember that something can happen to strengthen our thinking about things that are good in this world. The good news is that we can also believe in luck, which, according to the Toltec shamans, is not just a matter of chance, but directly related to the strength we have. The Ten of Pentacles card is part of the Minor Arcana. . represents the quality of wealth in the group and horoscope. The Ten of Pentacles advises a good counselor about security and happiness in all areas of his life.

10 De Ouros Tarot

Like all cards in the Tarot deck, the Ten of Pentacles will have different readings when presented and depending on the question asked by the person asking, but the overall character of the Minor Arcana cards is positive. Overall, this is a good card for family, finance and reading.

Dez De Ouros Significado No Tarot

The Ten of Pentacles indicates a good counselor in the level of relationships and stability in many aspects of life.

In Wait Smith’s Tarot Rider, the Ten of Diamonds evokes a home environment, which can be interpreted by the following of its symbols:

In general, the Ten of Pentacles represents a good level in domestic and family relationships, as well as money. This is a card that talks about security.

As we have said before, when the Ten of Pentacles appears in a tarot reading, it is always associated with responsibility and themes of harmony and stability.

Arcanos Do Tarot

So, let’s understand what the meaning of this card can mean for the person asking in any type of reading.

The Ten of Pentacles is the card of pleasure and development

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